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Thread: Online Members - chat window

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    Online Members - chat window

    It would be nice if in the chat window, there was a place that side online members. This way we knew when we could speak to certain team members who were online versus speaking to them off-line and then coming back to 99 messages and never seen it. Could this be an option to see who is online and who is off-line in the chat window?

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    A comprehensible and hono(u)rable wish, but as long as there are players who don't want their being online to be shown w/o their approval - and I am one of them - I don't think Playrix can risk doing that, for privacy reason.

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    For the same reason as _DD_ has indicated I don't think this will ever happen.
    But I did notice that help requests for trains and planes of off line members do not show in the chat section.

    Easiest thing you can do, is just ask your team members when usually they are online, and of course respect the members who do not want to share this information.

    If you can't/don't want to keep a list of these times maybe the ones that do agree on wanting to letting know when their online could use a sign/symbol in their Town's name when they go off line. Not using it myself, because I think it might be something that is easily forgotten and loses it's purpose, but it might work for others.

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    Is there anyway to translate the messages in the co-open chat? If not that would be a great thing to have

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    Though I agree it would be nice at times to see who is online in the co-op and who isn't, I also agree that there would be serious downsides - like people targeting those online for giving them products, etc. Also, as a co-op leader, I like the anonymity for other reasons - like not having people constantly asking me to delete tasks whenever I'm on.

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