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Thread: Looking For iOS/Android/Kindle Friends? Add Your Code Here

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    Marie... What platform do you play on... iOS, Android, Kindle???

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    Quote Originally Posted by MarieBiskwie View Post
    I displayed my code down here :-) ⬇️
    I´ve send you a request. I do remember your avatar, you´ve been in my find friends section before.
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    Krizzpy... Just sent you a request...

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    Godfer... Have a player on Kindle (waiting for response); however, she is on my pending tab and I can viisit her town...

    Also, have another one (accepted), I believe she is android, I can visit Her town... I've sent them my code, waiting to see if they get me on their side...

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    Hi All, I've added my code to my signature if anyone would like to add me. Thanks!

    Never mind! I didn't realize that it only worked through Facebook!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eden View Post
    Dear forum members,

    I am hoping to friend forum members. I read the forums everyday but I'm mostly a lurker. I really enjoy the discussions here. I am at Level 54 and play daily. I love to help others, currently I have helped 468 players. I would love to have forum members on my friends list.

    My code is 3UVAPZ, my town is called Sunny Ville. If you would like a helpful person on your friends list, I would be delighted if you would add my code.

    Unfortunately, my avatar in the game is a silhouette as I don't have Facebook.


    Hi Eden, I haven't read all posts on the Forum, but if you have Game Centre you can upload a photo or picture. Open up Game Centre - Just click the bubble above your nickname and right to the status field. A menu should appear with Select photo, Take Photo or Delete photo options.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ralph0989 View Post
    Krizzpy... Just sent you a request...
    Haven´t got anything on my pending tab. Just send a request back and visited My Little Town.

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    Hi All. In the middle of town redesign and not following along here too well, but I added my code to my signature. Curious to see if it works across platforms. back to work now.
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    Good morning Nana, does one need to use Facebook for the codes to work? Question 2 - I think I'm at my max number of friends, so would I use the codes or not?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krizzpy View Post
    Haven´t got anything on my pending tab. Just send a request back and visited My Little Town.
    I have you on my pending tab, waiting for response... Do you have anyway to accept? There may still be a bug in the system...

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