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Thread: Sudden drop in friends.

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    Sudden drop in friends.

    Hi. A few days ago my friend list suddenly dropped everyone but my (blue) in-game friends. I restarted my tablet, but nothing changed, though a few hours later I believed my friend list had been restored, as I saw Facebook people back on it, but I'm told to get a new box in the market I'll need to add 140 friends. Unless 140 people simultaneously decided to unfriend me, I think I'm experiencing some sort of problem. A day or so later roughly 30 people returned, so now I need 105 or so new friends for a new box.

    This shouldn't be about old/new version, as I can't access many people still on my list because they have the newer version.

    This is the game information you get when starting a problem ticket -- I'm posting here instead because I previously started two tickets a week apart regarding the same issue (not this issue, something else I tried twice to resolve), and still haven't received any reply, so far as I know, the status still says "awaiting assignment," or something similar. Very frustrating, but what I read here is most encouraging, as Kuen seems to be very concerned that issues get addressed.

    Game: Township Amazon
    Time: 19 Mar 2015 06:31:26 -0400
    Build time: Mar 2 2015 16:19:51
    Version: 102
    DB ID: F/FNhW01ciXt
    User ID: ba14e63a-18d6-417c-bde7-1be86d102ad9
    Language: en (en)
    OS: Android 4.1.1
    Device: IdeaTabA2109A

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    Hi SuzyD, I also had a similar problem through iOS a couple of weeks ago, after a process of elimination I concluded that someone on my friends list had corrupt data.. I eliminated all strays from my friends list and hey presto my long term Game Centre friends appeared. I'm not connected to Facebook but maybe it's a similar problem. Something you should consider

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    Just a quick update: I had hoped updating to the new version would resolve the problem, but the number of friends dropped again to where I would need 140 for a new box in the market. I'll keep an eye on the numbers, to see whether they start jumping back up a bit as they did in the old version. At the time I updated the game, I was down to needing about 102. I'm purposely not accepting any further friend requests as to not muddy the results, so somehow 40 friends had recovered their status on the old version over the course of a day or two.

    I'm missing some friends with whom I interacted often, so I hope this gets resolved. Thanks.

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    Thanks for the tip Godfer, the problem is I don't actually know anyone, so I'd have a tough time identifying "strays," as you put it. Thanks for taking the time, though, much appreciated.

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    Rick McEntire
    I have the same problem. Unfortunately, some of my missing friends were friends that I would regularly exchange balloons with, and that I chat with on FB. My problem started happening when I reported to Playrix about not getting any help. I received a reply on how to fix, I followed the instructions, and since then, I have started receiving balloons and help again, but a lot of my friends are missing. I still chat with them on FB, and they say they can still see me, and I get balloons from them.

    Liza, you're one of them. I can't see you. Tell Dima that I can't see him either. But I get balloons from both of you.

    I am on Kindle. I was hoping that the new release would fix it. Sounds like maybe not.

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    Following up, I updated to the newest Google version 1.11.1, and hoped, since it said they fixed some bugs, that this was among them, but the problem continues -- it still says I need 144 friends, so, unlike the older version, there's been no recovery of some friends over time.

    As Rick describes above, friends who are no longer on my list can see me, visit, and send balloons and help, but I'm not able to reciprocate. I'd really like to see this resolved, especially since it seems the problem isn't limited to me alone.

    By the way, is it helpful at all that I've stopped accepting new requests to keep track of the numbers? If yes, then I'm happy to help, and will continue to do so, but if not, I'm feeling rather rude ignoring people.


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    Godfer disappeared from my town again, and my Townhall says I still have 152 friends!! GODFER where are you!! I miss seeing you, and visiting your town
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    B-J... Godfer has left the game... She unfriended everyone last night... She said she may come back someday, but for right now she needs to do other things... She will be sorely missed...
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    Yes, I miss seeing her colorful and cheerful avatar in my list of friends. But, very lucky to have met her here!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ralph0989 View Post
    B-J... Godfer has left the game... She unfriended everyone last night... She said she may come back someday, but for right now she needs to do other things... She will be sorely missed...
    Thanx Ralph, Wil miss eing her, here and in township

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