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    Forum Rules: IMPORTANT! Please Read Before Posting!

    The Playrix Community Forums are a fun and friendly place where players of all backgrounds, ages, and groups can talk about the game. The following rules will make your experience here more enjoyable. Please read them before posting!

    In order to be a Playrix Forum user, you must agree to follow the Forum Rules. Kindly keep in mind that the Playrix Admins reserve the right to update these rules when needed, and your continued use of this forum will indicate your acceptance of all updated or additional rules. Please make sure to review these rules from time to time.

    1. Be respectful to forum Admins and Moderators. They work hard to give you the best game and forum experience. Rudeness and insulting or abusive posts towards our Admins and/or Moderators will not be tolerated in any form.

    2. Admins have the final say on all matters. Discussion of Admins’ and Moderators’ actions is not allowed. Public discussion of any disciplinary actions taken by Admins or Moderators can result in a ban. Disciplinary actions can include banning, closing forum threads, deleting forum posts/threads/toxic forum users’ accounts, etc.

    3. Be respectful to other users. It is strictly prohibited to name and shame other players, as well as insult them or their views. Politics and religion are not to be discussed on our forum even in the Lounge section.

    4. Threads and posts containing the following information are not allowed on our forum:
    a. offensive, threatening, obscene or explicit content;
    b. discriminatory, vulgar, offensive language (swearing of any sort included);
    c. promoting illegal actions including any discussions about hacking or exploiting any Playrix game;
    d. naming and discussing other games and game companies, positively or negatively;
    e. spam, as well as multiple or repeated threads, posts or private messages with the intention of getting noticed.
    Such comments will be removed without warning and their authors may be permanently banned.

    5. Don’t reply to any of the posts described above. Let’s keep things positive!

    6. Before creating a new thread, please use the forum search and consult other threads first to make sure your topic has not yet been addressed. This helps us avoid having duplicate threads for issues that have already been discussed and/or resolved.

    7. Please do not duplicate info published in the open threads. If you have additional questions or would like to express your opinion, please post in those threads. Otherwise, your posts might be deleted by the forum Admins or Moderators without warning.

    8. Please do not reopen discussions on topics that have already been addressed in a closed thread. If a thread has been closed by Admins or Moderators, you should not post about the same issue again.

    9. Do not disclose any personal information, e.g. real names, email addresses, etc. Keep any messages from forum users, Admins, and Moderators or Customer Support Agents private. Protect your privacy and the privacy of other users.

    10. Keep in mind that your username is permanent. However, if your username contains personal info that you don't want to disclose or typos, we can change it for you if you notify us in this thread. Kindly note that if other forum users report your username as offensive, we may change it without warning.

    11. Creating multiple accounts will result in a permanent ban on all of them — you should use only one account.

    12. Please refrain from promoting unofficial groups and communities by posting links in threads or adding them to your signature. You may add the links to your groups in your profile's 'About Me' section.

    13. We respect and appreciate all of our players. However, in order to receive a prompt and useful answer, please consider posting your messages in English. You may use an online translator for that.

    14. All the forum rules apply to private messages although we do not monitor them. However, all reported abusive actions will be investigated and acted upon.

    15. Always report posts that are in violation of forum rules or contain questionable content.

    It’s important to us that all visitors to the Playrix Community Forums enjoy their time here. Users who violate the rules above might be banned temporarily or permanently, and their posts will be removed upon receiving a complaint and/or notice of the violation. The length of the ban will be based on the severity and/or frequency of the violation.

    Playrix reserves the right to close the forum at any time. We also cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information posted in the forum threads by other forum users.

    If you are new to forums, make sure to read this section first.

    Stay updated! Check out what people are talking about right now!

    Thank you for taking a moment to read this!
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