Been playing for a while and eventually got my girlfriend into the game also. Recently we noticed however that due to some updates seemingly reducing the cost of some earlier tasks that I had already completed she has over taken me be a whole in game day despite us being on roughly the same level.

Would it be possible to add a button that when pressed checks the level you are currently at (274 for example) and the checks the point you are in the garden (fountain in area 3 complete aside from lights) and then calculates where you should be at that current level (on the next day and partially into area 4). After its done that it refunds the stars that you need to get to point where you should be in the game.
This button could be there constantly so players can always ensure they are up to the correct point in the garden. (Obviously if you're at the correct point the button pops up a little message letting you know "Your garden progress is up to date") This I feel makes it fair to players who have been there from earlier times who should be further ahead than they are.

Idk if any of that is possible but it would be nice. Either that or have a forum where you can post your level and progress with a screen shot as proof and stars can be added to your account. It sucks that I have to get several levels ahead of my girlfriend in order to be at the same point in my garden progress.

Hopefully it's something that's possible and that others want