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Thread: Higher Level Players Should Get More Hearts

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    Higher Level Players Should Get More Hearts

    I'm wondering if the new players on lower levels get the same amount of hearts for the special event as high level people? Players on much higher levels should get more for completing their levels it takes us much longer to get through the higher level boards.
    I just don't think it's really fair that the people working harder are earning the same amount as the very low levels.
    You should make a side game like you did for Gardenscapes at Christmas and make the game fair to everyone especially you higher level long time players. So basically now someone on level 5 gets 15 hearts for their level and someone on level 250 gets the same amount when it takes the higher level people multiple sets of lives to complete their board pretty sad.
    That is the one thing that has impressed me at Playrix you try and put a stop to cheating, and you make it so people can't just buy there way through a game. You have always promoted fairness.

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    I'm here to post for the first time about this very subject! I am on level 812, and only get coins from feeding fish in my last 3 opened aquariums! I can only clean 1 aquarium, the one I just recently opened and I was stupid enough to open the France aquarium! I lost access to two 3-star aquariums and my 2-star aquarium! I get less coins for feeding fish now, and can ONLY clean that most currently opened aquarium! Paris! There's s only 3 starter fish in it!
    I am working on much harder levels than the new players! The payout after a week or more working on a level, once beaten, is pittiful when compared to how expensive it is to 3-star the higher level of opened aquariums and items. It's nearly impossible to earn the holiday rewards by this method. I'll NEVER earn enough coins to buy holiday themed items! I just want to 😢 cry, because THIS is my game! I play night and day! And it's futile!
    What are beginners going to think when they open their 4th tank and suddenly can't feed the fish in, or clean the aquarium of, their Tropical Aquarium?
    I wish you'd put the game back to how it's always been before re the October '16 update! We work hard, pay $$ for power ups, and not only earned, but deserve the reward of being able to clean all of our aquariums and feed all our fish in order to be able to afford the expensive new items opened.
    I also realize it takes a lot more beauty points to 3-star the aquariums as you advance through the game. How do you expect us to buy expensive fish and items when it takes longer to beat levels unless you have $$ to buy an endless supply of power ups?
    I'm to the point of tears of frustration and sadness about what's been done to my game. I miss my fish in my old aquariums! I miss the wonders I saw in friend's aquariums that were further ahead in the game. Such beauty to strive towards achieving!
    And now an event I have zero chance of enjoying because of the higher level I'm playing at.
    It's truly unfair to players in the higher levels.
    Some special levels NOW instead of the 10th (did I read that there would be some opened then?) would be the right thing to do!
    I buy power-ups come payday, but can't afford them all month long!
    Please have mercy.

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    I completely agree. There needs to be more ways to earn bombs and diamonds.

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    Ja ich vermisse auch mehr Belohnung für unsere Erfolge in dem Spiel. Manche LEVEL sind mit 5 Leben einfach nicht zu schaffen, mit Hilfe von Freundesliste sind es 2bis 5 mehr, aber trotzdem ist es zu wenig.
    Anstatt der Münzen sollten nur Bomben in den Muschel zu gewinnen sein.

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    Moi aussi je regrette le temps ou je pouvais nourrir tous les poissons de tous mes aquariums ainsi que les poissons de mes amis car cela me donner plus de pièces et me permettez d acheter plus d objets. L accès aux aquariums de nos amis permettez d entrevoir les futures acquisition de poissons et de décorations qui nous poussée a jouer plus pour y arriver plus vite. Pour beaucoup de chose l avancement est bon mais nous on veux revenir pour ces quelques point en arrières

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