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    1. Omit the timer or increase the time limit.
    2. After every game won increase the number of coins won or add a new booster together with the coins received.
    3. Add one or two more prizes for the spinner.
    4. Instead of a once a day spin maybe make it every twelve hours.
    5. Instead of 3 options for trees, plants, furniture, etc, maybe u can increase to 4 or 5 choices.
    6. Instead of 5 lives maybe can increase to 7 or 10 lives.

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    I am on game on my computer not mobile phone. Been on this level 25 2 wks or more. I am so sick of it i just cannot get it. Please help me

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    Lessen those activities per garden so we can easily open the other part of the garden..

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    Stars won

    I'm sure I'm not the first but way too many threads to sort through. It would be great if you earned more stars for each level. One per level is just too time consuming and frustrating. Really 2 stars needed to save a cat or fill the fountain?? I've broken my rule about buying coins but it's not becoming ridiculous!! Help us out developers!

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