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Thread: 08.02 Interview with the Zookeeper!

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    Who are your partners in Zookeeping?Because it's too risky for the ones to feed/take good care the animals of the zoo alone.I really love the developer's ideas of this game and love this game the most!!! Have a pleasant day!!!😄😄😍😍😘

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    Quote Originally Posted by MorTonsOfFun View Post
    Hi Sarah
    First of all i'd like to say thank you for agreeing to this Interview we are Honored to have you Here Today we have some questions for u !

    OR HOW ABOUT A monkey/tiger =moniger
    Get the drift weouldnt that be fun to have in zoo and to create if u decide to do it hope i can help u all do it lime maybe have a chance to help draw animals ok thank u have a beautifuly blessed day !

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    I think that's not the heart of developers,that's insane,have a pleasant day

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nana View Post
    The Zoo building is monotonous, mind numbing and boring. When you get to higher levels you no longer care about what/who the animals are, what their names are, you just keep plugging away at progressing to the next miserable level.

    Not fun, not inspiring, just tedious.

    No question, just a statement of what is involved.

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    Good day,I suggest that make names of your animals of your co-op or your township friends.that would be a lot excitement.visiting zoo animals is just like visiting your friends!!Thank You!!😊

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    I need some help getting some hems and some cash

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    Love this I do

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    Hello everyone!

    Sarah the Zookeeper answered some of your most interesting questions and we’re ready to share her answers with you! Read the interview below to learn more about Sarah’s life and animals caring

    Hi there! My lemur Rico says hi too! Thanks for your affection for the Zoo, I’m happy to have so many soul mates out there who feel sympathy for animals.

    Veronica van Kinderen: Will there be a chance the zoo can be expanded further? I tried to set up a zoo where the animals do not look that enclosed and need a bit more space if I want to keep all animals in the zoo.

    Sure, that’s a great idea! There’re a lot of unexplored lands outside your zoos and I’m sure we can use them to give more space to animals and show off more decor items. You know, I’m going to file a petition about that signed by our Zoo residents right now. Rico is already in!

    Staci Blandin: Why does it take so long to level up?

    Hm, I always thought time flies in our Zoo. I guess you’re just being very busy with your mayor-related tasks in the city. So make sure to drop by your Zoo more often: the more items you sell, the more popularity points you get! Meanwhile animals give so much positive energy you’ll need for managing your town further on. I can give you one more tip: if you take part in regattas, pick tasks for the Zoo — just a few races can greatly improve your Zoo!

    Mac11: What got you interested in becoming a zoo keeper and do you have a favorite animal? Mine are cheetahs and otters

    Oh, those are cute! Once my parents told me about zoos — the wonderful lands where all animals I saw in biology books live together in peace, and it’s been my dream to restore our town Zoo and work there since then. I heard that the town hall was ready to bring the Zoo back to life when I was in an expedition on the Amazon river. I immediately rushed back. And Rico just refused to stay in the jungle without me! As for my favorite animals, I’d say I love macaws for their wit, and seals for their peace of mind

    Nita Davis Lopez: What is your favorite part about your job? What is your least favorite job?

    Well, our work is very challenging, because the animals can have quite an attitude sometimes, but I love my job! Most of all I like to see how happy the animals are when meeting their babies from the nursery — can it get any cuter? If we talk about the least favorite parts of my job, I’d have to say it’s waking up early. I’m not a morning person, Rico isn’t an early bird either. But animals we take care of know no excuses — so our work hours start when the dawn breaks.

    Kelly King: I was wondering why the "hot" item in the various snack bars is often worth less hearts/points than some of the other items for sale.

    It’s easy! You see, when certain items are sold as “hot”, their value doubles, but it still remains low in comparison to more expensive products. This is why if the hot item is a simple and cheap product requiring little time to produce, it would give you less popularity points than some more expensive product, even if the latter is not “hot”.

    Faye Cunningham: How do you organize (group) all the animals in your zoo? What's the best way to Do this? By habitat? By locations (continents) where those animals are found? By classification (birds, mammals, reptiles, etc?). I'm trying to decide how to get my animals organized for correct placement in my Township Zoo.

    I suggest that you first think about the comfort of animals, for example organize them by their habitat, because even when animals are born in captivity, their genetic memory is very strong! I can give you one trick though — if you want to surprise your visitors, try experimenting and placing enclosures in unexpected places (don’t overdo though!) For example, if there’re a lot of raccoons in your country, but no giraffes, place their enclosures next to each other — this way raccoons will get a slice of attention too.

    Michelle Edwards: Just a cute question, How are the Animals names chosen,some match perfectly

    Sometimes adult species are transferred to us from other big zoos or animal sanctuaries and they already have names. Other than that we do the following: we give nicknames for animal treats and offer the animals to choose the one they like — this way they a kind of pick a name by themselves. And it usually works out pretty well!

    Crabby: What happens to our hearts when you're maxed out & waiting for the update? Are they stored? Applied eventually to achieve next goal? Can you give advice as to us in any way?

    Unfortunately, they aren’t. Once you reach the top level, popularity points are not counted any more, because your Zoo is already the best one!

    Lightbox: Who teaches the guys in costume to dance?

    You won’t believe it but they first perform in front of the real animals: if zebras turn away, and lions start yawning, it means that the dancers have to improve their performance. Actually those guys are professional actors from the city theater (the lion plays in the King of Beasts musical) and circus (the zebra is one of the clowns)!

    Silver Stag: What benefits come to the town from the zoo to make it worthwhile?

    Oh, there’re a lot of benefits! While working on the Zoo, you earn XP points for you town which helps to progress faster. You also get coins by selling items at the Zoo buildings, and if you upgrade them, you can get even more coins.

    Dana Kermanian: Do you have any funny stories you would like to share related to your work with animals?

    Well, not everyone knows that there are natural leaves in my hats, which is why many animals show great interest in them. As a result, I often end up with bitten or half-eaten hats Some animals love to steal my hat for the visitor's amusement. But I never take offense, because I love my pets' attention. Also, I often receive new hats as gifts from my colleagues, which is a pleasant bonus

    Veganville: Why the nursery? If the environment and diet is appropriate for the animals, shouldn't they be able to mate and breed naturally?

    Oh, this is a very delicate question! Babies are not born in nurseries, they are only taken care of there once born. It’s done for the safety reasons, because visitors can give them inappropriate food or scare them with camera flashes, which also makes the parent animals very worried. In the nursery they always visit their babies to feed and spend time.

    Landenor Kersalis: I was wondering if it was possible to "link" some of the habitats, like the ice habitats or habitats that have water flowing through them, to connect such water to terrain surrounding outside the habitats

    Even though there’s water in some enclosures, you can’t connect them to natural streams. There’re a couple of reasons for that. Firstly, it guarantees the necessary temperature and sanitation requirements are met (for example, walruses are not fans of fresh water). Secondly, we make sure the animals who can swim won’t get away to the neighboring enclosures.

    Gylzcy: We heard rumours about changes to the Zoo on the way - could you give us some hints?

    You question made me wonder if I glue envelopes with my work correspondence well The thing is that I always think about how I can make the Zoo better. For example, I'm considering the renovation of some Zoo buildings to make them more comfortable for visitors, also thinking about some new ways of entertaining the animals... By now I can’t say for sure what’s going to be implemented next, but you’ll sure find out about it first!

    P.S. We thank everyone who left their questions to Sarah! Feel free to post new threads for discussing the interview and sharing your impressions
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