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Thread: Tip on why I reject orders

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    Quote Originally Posted by petcircus 5 View Post
    Picking up strategies from this forum, I've created my own no, no's.

    1) I don't deal with mafia guy at all
    2) I don't fill multiple order requests
    3) I don't fill orders that are less than 600 coins
    Whatever works for you - there's no right and wrong...
    Since I've been buying jewellery from Raga I can't wait for the Maffia guy to pop up. I've gained loads of tcash. I avoid the ingot orders though as I'm trying to meet the factory upgrade challenge.
    I'll also fill multiple order requests and low value orders if it's stuff I can afford to get out of my barn.
    The rules change as you go along.

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    petcircus 5
    I can build the jewelry factory but I've seen posts on this forum that it's more trouble than it's worth. So I've kind of shyed away from it.

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    petcircus: Only you can decide if the Jewelry Store is "worth" it to you.

    I built it and have never regretted it! I concentrated on upgrading the XP until I was able to reach 100%. It is really nice to often get as much as 3,000-4,000 XP in one shot. No - I don't get that high XP every time, but I do get double whatever the XP is offered with each jewelry sale to the Mafia guy.

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    I built it as soon as it was available - but only 'cos I could! Didn't use it until I started buying jewellery off the market to sell to the mafia man, then I did as Nana and others suggested and upped the xp - and she's right - it's nice to have the extra bonus Xp as well as the tcash.

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    That's really good advice. I too have been undecided about whether or not to build the Jewellery factory. This really helps. Thank you

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    Is there a benefit to earning lots of XP besides levelling up faster?

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    No, awshucks, XP is only needed for leveling up, no other benefit I know of.

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    Ali Land
    This is the first time I read this thread. I think I may have accidentally fallen in to good habits from the start, and never really questions them.
    I came to township after years of other time management building games. One thing which I was sure about was not doing anything which I found boring or tedious, regardless of the reward. Right from the first time I looked at the helicopter I saw order which I didn't feel like filling and looked for a dismiss. There is no right or wrong, its a game and I only want to do the bits I find fun. At no point do you get punished in township for playing it the way you want to.
    I don't choose entirely based on anything. Going up a level is no great thrill, so XP doesn't interest me ( except early on when I was almost ready for the third train when I was all about XP!) I'm happy going up levels slowly, XP can just happen. Same with coins. It's never happened to me that I had to wait for something because I couldn't afford it, so I don't take a huge interest - I've always got a lot more money than I need. What I am always short on is population. For a long time, I started every community building as it became available and they just never seemed ready and my barn was bursting with nails I was scared to sell but I had no slabs. I'm finally recovering from. that with one at a time building.
    Filling helicopters doesn't help with that, so I didn't want to waste resources on things for trains and planes. You fill friends orders regardless of XP and coins, but they mount up quickly - when I get a big order to a friend, I smile. If I gave I big order to a helicopter, i may regret losing the items.
    Often, I saw items I couldn't make and thought I'd leave it around until the market refreshes - they always turn up. Sometimes, for fun if nothing else is going on I like to blitz sell. I wait until I have a nice variety, know I can fill all the orders in one go and the market is about to change. it's quite fun, a bit like burning out your barn. I realised its better to sell off before the market change, or you get stuff you don't need. that clued me in to not dismissing orders of things I really want - so they turn up in the market.
    I think this works if you have items on your shelf or in the field, not so much for stuff in your barn. Anyone got an idea on this? for example, I keep 10 rubber plants in the field and non in my barn - I guaranty there will be loads next market day.
    With regards to ignoring big orders, again its what you enjoy. Sure, 50 bits of corn for 200 gold might sound ridiculous but I enjoy the space challenge.

    I'd say, pick the orders you find fun. Lots of people enjoy working out return for their money, I don't, but I just filled 38 suger cane and 42 corn for very little - but I really enjoyed juggling the barn and now I've got loads of room. The money was low, but then it cost me very little to make. I also just dismissed an order of over 1000 as I couldn't be bothered building a boat and the market won't refresh for hours.

    Oh, and Merry Christmas!

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    Bethany Clarke
    When I first started playing I was afraid to reject orders, but I got over that and now I reject orders all the time. Since I don't want to use my ingots to make jewelry, I reject all the Mafia guy's orders for now. Someday, that might change. I reject all orders that require more than 1 of any item, and I often reject orders that are below a certain gold coin amount - at my level right now that amount is 1,000 gold coins. Having the marketplace has really increased the number of orders I can fill and the ease with which I can fill orders. I also like having access to the once-an-hour buy whatever you want feature.

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