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    my complain

    i want to share about the live I ask & send as well. I think its kinda weird because everyday I send all my facebook friends live and ask for live too but strange because i got too little live but i have about 200 friends playing this game. its error or what?? please help me answer this, thank you

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    It's either a bug or by design. But it changed after an update a while ago. Many people have acknowledged this, but seems like Playrix always ignore to answer on this issue or blamed it on "maybe your friends doesn't play anymore".
    Would be nice to get a real response on this, since it's obviously something that happened, that's not to blame friends stopped sending/asking for lives.

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    Hi guys, I happen to know a person who contacted the support team because of this issue. They gave him recommendations and told him that if you have more than 50 friends on facebook, the problem will be resolved in the next update.

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