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Thread: Level 346

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    you pass the level??? really???

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    How? The best I can do is all the statues and 5 butterflies. And the level is still the same. I hoped they would change it back. With all the waiting while everything falls it is pretty hopeless for me.

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    Just got lucky i guess... a lot of bombs appeared and I used a shovel for the last butterfly.

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    I am glad you made it. I am still stuck and not for a lack of trying. And still waiting for the change they promised. If it doesn't come I would like to know. I keep trying in the hope that I get Lucky.

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    Level 346 Timed

    I thought this level was supposed to be fixed, nothing has changed and I have used multiple power ups to try and get through this level but it is impossible. And when I followed your advice and tried to contact your support team to get reimbursed I can't find the link anywhere what gives, will this be fixed or not.

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    i did it too!! it was easier to make bombs

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    Good for you! I am still struggling, so if you have tips....

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    I havé thé same problem

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    Thank you for the information but where i can find your tech support team

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    Hi all,

    I wanted to come back and report that I FINALLY made it through this level. I won the jackpot in my daily spin and used one of each booster. It did the trick! I know that's not super helpful for anyone else because it was a major stroke of luck, but wanted to share regardless. Good luck to you all!

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