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Thread: Level 346

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    Level 346

    It appears that level 346 has been changed from having 29 moves to being a timed level. I went on YouTube because I was having such a hard time and every video on there has level 346 as a non-timed level. This is super frustrating. 1 minute is not enough time! Has anyone successfully completed it as a timed level and have any tips??

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    Same problem here. This level is undoable in 1:20!!!

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    Same for me. I like a challenge but I am not even getting close to the end of this level. So I searched for how to do this and got to see video's without that dreaded timer.

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    Same here. Is it even possible to complete this level in 1.20?
    Why has it changed to a timed level??

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    This level is impossible in the time allowed. Only once did I get to start matching butterflies but the time run out before 12 appear. Also have to wait for pieces to fall on the right which takes AGES! Please change it back to a set amount of moves or give us more time!
    Has anyone completed this level in the time allowed? There's nothing online.......

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    I have the same problem. Not even close to finishing. Already spent at least 40 lives, all bombs, rainbiw blasts that I had available. The problem is you can't move another piece until all pieces fall to a right place and during this time still runing out. Frustrating. I really love this game but I'm thinking of uninstalling if something not change. And that problem with lives... have more rhat 1000 active players and only 20 lives per day

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    Same! Something seriously needs doing about this level because it's impossible.

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    Ok good so im not the only freakin one who found out this got changed to a timed lvl. Pls Pls PLS change it back. 1.20 is NOT enough time even with a bunch of bombs....

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    Is there anybody who has finished this level after the timer has been introduced?

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    Hi everyone!

    This level is currently being worked on, we expect it to be fixed today or tomorrow. We apologize for the inconvenience, if you wish to be compensated for your troubles please contact our tech support team.

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