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Thread: planes requesting clay (or modeling clay)

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    planes requesting clay (or modeling clay)

    please remove the clay as a potential request, from the planes. clay is a 100% random item. you have no control if you will find it. the trains take too long to return with mining equipment (if they will even have a box of gear - another factor you have no control over) to obtain it, should you need it.
    planes requesting clay is an unfair mechanic.
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    I don't think it's "unfair" at all. You dont have to find it in the mine, you can also buy it in the city market, request it from friends, etc. I have no problem getting clay to fill the rare request I might get.

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    I usually have spare clay too. Airplanes not generally a problem with clay but if so you request help for it or hire the trader anyway.

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