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Thread: Level 764 - Help needed

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    Level 764 - Help needed

    I've been stuck on level 764 for quite some time now, no matter how I try I can't beat it. My best result so far is 6 glasses of water out of 10. What is the best strategy to beat this level?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Sorry, I don't have an answer but I didn't know there were almost 800 levels! Good Grief...this game never ends!

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    I read somewhere that there are currently 850 levels.

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    Oh, and I mean glasses of lemonade of course, not glasses of water.

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    Still stuck on 764. Is there anyone who has a working strategy for this level?

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    Ok, I finally managed to get past level 764, although I really hope that it's not meant to be done the way I did it. You'll see why at the end of my description.

    This is how I did it:
    First make sure pieces drop down in the empty areas on the sides.

    Second, make sure that the glasses near the center of the board does not fall into the center of the lower part of the screen by making matches near the boxes on the sides of the lower center and by NOT breaking the boxes near the absolute center. If glasses fall down the center, they are near impossible to get to fall down, due to the frozen and chained pieces surrounding them.

    Third, make sure to break the boxes on the top left and top right to get those glasses to fall down.

    During the three steps, and after, try to make as many bombs and other explosives and try to set off several at once (but don't break the boxes in the center of the screen if you aren't done with step 2).

    Make rainbow spheres but try not to match them too soon, instead try to get two spheres next to each other to clear the entire board (well, chained and frozen pieces still need more than one hit, as usual).

    If you are near the final move and have managed to get several glasses of lemonade to drop and have all of the rest on the board (for me, I had dropped 7 glasses and had 3 on the board) and the glasses on the board have a straight fall to the bottom of the board (there should be no holes in the board somewhere in a straight line below any of the glasses). If you manage to get to this point, now it's time to use a bunch of those saved up shovels. Use shovels to break any chained or broken pieces blocking your glasses and, if possible, try to make them fall so you make new matches and hopefully save some shovels.

    With these steps and enough shovels (I used seven) it is possible to get past this level but I really hope this isn't the best way to do it.

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