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Thread: Keeping players playing

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    Keeping players playing

    This is a fun game and I really like it but I think some things should change. It costs 900 coins for 5 extra moves but you only get 50 when you complete a level and then a couple extra for any moves you have left. I think the amount you get after beating a level should go up or the amount you have to pay for extra moves and power-ups should go down.

    I also think that you should get points for every level, not just the ones you beat. The points you get when you beat a level should depend on how well you did and how many moves you have left. These points (or they could be called seeds) are different from coins and could be stored in a bank (or called garden shed) and you can use these "seeds" to buy stars. 25seeds gets 1 star. This way you can continue to build your garden when players are stuck on a level.

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    I like your idea. Something like diamonds in Fishdom.

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    I made a similar suggestion but didn't think of calling them seeds - great idea!

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