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Thread: Stuck at level 93...

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    Stuck at level 93...

    How do I move ahead!! Seems next to impossible

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    I'm stuck on 93 to so stope playing

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    93 is a stumper that's for sure. Often you can get the lemonades close to bottom but can never quite get that last fruit out of the way that's blocking the lemonade from it's freedom. That and the moving lily pads can sometimes throw you for a loop since they can move immediately after a match or hold up until all auto-matches are complete and then move. This makes planning things even more difficult.
    So your best chance at success on this level involves generating power-ups of any kind, even firecrackers can do the trick if they're in the right position. In order to generate the kind of power-ups we want, you'll need to clear out those boxes and much of the chained fruit asap. Don't get too hung up on making matches near all those free moves. You will need them but your hope should be that auto-matches do the collecting for you. Getting the lemonades out the bottom of the level will involve saving your power ups until they are either on the lily pads getting shifted around or in the middle between the two lines of lily pads (even better is when a power up forms or drops into those bottom 5 spaces). Make sure you save any rainbow blast you might generate to help remove one of those stubborn fruits blocking the way once you have a lemonade travelling along the bottom row. This level will take some careful planning and a little luck. To recap, make sure your opening moves are either generating a power-up, destroying a box or breaking a chained fruit. If it's a choice between dragging a bomb downward towards the chains or up towards the boxes, go down every time. Auto-matches should help clear any left over boxes as the level progresses. If a power-up is not low enough on the board to hit one of the fruits blocking the way out for the lemonade, save it until it is. Destroying those fruits with power-ups will be not only more likely but also significantly easier most times. Good luck all!

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