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Thread: Level 134

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    Level 134

    I want to beat level 134. I tried some guidance videos but I couldn't. Please help

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    I am having trouble as well on this level.

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    I've been on this level for a week now, does anyone have any tips?

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    Hello there!

    Oh so few moves! Any level with less than 20 moves is always so stressful. Before you've even cleared two or three boxes you're suddenly into single digits and the level begins to feel hopeless. The great news is, you only need to get 1 lemonade off the board. This is a level where you get to practice moving lemonades around. Let's start with the obvious. The lemonade is above a blank square and often gets stuck. This will most likely happen twice because once you shift it away from the blank square near the top you have to shift it another row to get it in line with the column for it's escape. And all that in just 16 moves. With that in mind, you need to make sure that as you are clearing boxes and working your way downward that you always stop after every move and check to see if you can make a switch to move the lemonade over a column, whether you go left or right is up to you, but once you've picked a side, I would focus on that. If you've started blowing up boxes on the left than make sure you shift your lemonade to the left as well. There isn't enough moves to clear the whole board so every move needs to be a calculated decision. You won't generate many power-ups this level so the few you do make should be saved and used only when they will accomplish the exact thing you need to see happen. You probably won't make a rainbow blast this level either and to honest, it wouldn't help much any way. To recap, pick a side and work on that side as often as you can. Keep your eyes peeled for opportunities to shift your lemonade. Use power-ups wisely, try and save them until they are closer to the bottom of the board. And as usually cross your fingers that you get a little luck too. Good luck! Never give up!

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