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Thread: Stone walls to separate animal enclosures

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    Stone walls to separate animal enclosures

    I don't know if this suggestion has been made before, so here is my 2 cents:

    I would enjoy having, better than existing fences or hedges, a stone wall option to separate the various animal enclosures. It should match the stone of the cliffs surrounding the zoo. It could be like the fence, needing to put a tower on each space that creates a connection between the two.

    Because of the artic enclosures, it would be good to have the same stone wall available with a snow effect likewise, to make those walls more realistic as well.

    Here is 2 more cents: maybe a trench separator could be developed, (same concept of fence / wall). Many zoos incorporate both natural appearing walls and trenches to protect animals and people from each other.

    This might never happen, but I thought it was worth tossing up the idea to see who salutes or who shoots it down!

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    Oh I surely salute these suggestions.

    Just the other day I had a concerned mother approach me about our lions display. She told me our male lion, Scooby, would have no trouble jumping off his rock onto unsuspecting visitors. I went to great length to explain her he gets fed plenty, is actually rather lazy - more often than not he's just napping on his rock.

    But I took a new hard look at the enclosure, and the crocodile enclosure next to it, and ... well... I'm rather surprised none of our visitors has been devoured by now.

    At least the enclosure of Africa's most dangerous and deadly large land animal is properly secure. Yes, the Hippopotamus Amphibius. Look at their enclosure. Very safe. Nothing to worry about

    LOL of course it's better to leave reality by the door as this is a game, but yeah IRL this zoo would have a tiny wee bit of trouble here and there to pass safety regulations XD

    But yeah, I'd love some more wall options for the zoo. The very same ones you list. Would be cool indeed.

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    I live in a part of the USA where stone walls are everywhere: dividing crop areas for farms, along the roadside, by public buildings. I would love to have a new fence option that allowed old fashioned some walls. They made them without mortar in the old days!

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