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Thread: Need help for level 153

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    Need help for level 153

    I cannot come through level 153, anybody can help me ?

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    153 involves some major power-up generation. The ore isn't really a problem, most of it will disappear with auto-matches. Clearing all the boxes and freeing all the gnomes is significantly harder. Your first goal isn't to clear the middle area but instead work your way down to the bottom asap, if it works out where you can work your way downward on the right hand side, that's great. You might get lucky and generate a dynamite hit the ores in the far column. As I said though, your goal is to work down one side to the bottom and then across to the other side. The faster you get to the bottom the more auto-matches will clear things above you, freeing up any chained fruits and destroying those pesky acorns in the middle. As you work your way from one side of the level to the other, the ores will begin to drop in. If you can make a match that destroys two or three ores at once. That's worth it. If a match is only going to destroy one ore don't worry about it, let the auto-matching do the work for you. The same goes for gnomes up near the top. Don't make matches their, those gnomes will clear themselves as the level continues. Getting through all the boxes is your only real goal. If you focus on generating as many power-ups (preferably bombs when you can) and exploding multiple power-ups at once (let the firecrackers build up until you have 3 or 4 that can get hit at once) you will generate a number of rainbow blasts. At least 2 but hopefully 3. Again focus on working your way to the bottom, let the automatches clear things above you, don't worry too much about the ore and focus on power-up generation and exploding multiple power-ups at once. Every move you make should be either generating a power-up or destroying a box as often as you can. It is tricky and you'll probably beat it with 1 move left or on your very last move so play it smart right to the bitter end and don't give up hope even if things are looking impossible. You never know when you might generate a TNT. Good luck!

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