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Thread: What Do You Think of Austin?

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    Note that I have only played games 1, 2 and the "Mansion Makeover" because I'm a computer-only player, I don't even have a mobile with Internet access and colored display and I enjoy not doing things most people do (such as drinking alcohol or having a modern telephone :P). My impression, particularly from "Gardenscapes 2" (the family photos, Austin as a very curious child, ex-hippie etc.), is that he is too complex a character to be credible as a mere butler and gardener. It would perhaps be more credible if "our alter ego" was eliminated and Austin himself was the protagonist, perhaps simply the inheritor instead of a mere servant...

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    I like Austin and the dog,they always cheer me up

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    Unpopular opinion, but I kinda only play the game for Austin. Like, 90% the reason. If you would make merchandise for him, I would definitely easily spend real money on him. However, not because of his looks. If it were just a figurine, I would probably reconsider. But his words are really encouraging and motivating and inspiring to me, and have actually helped me a lot in my life.

    PLEASE MAKE AUSTIN MERCH! (at least one user says so)

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