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Thread: What Do You Think of Austin?

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    Note that I have only played games 1, 2 and the "Mansion Makeover" because I'm a computer-only player, I don't even have a mobile with Internet access and colored display and I enjoy not doing things most people do (such as drinking alcohol or having a modern telephone :P). My impression, particularly from "Gardenscapes 2" (the family photos, Austin as a very curious child, ex-hippie etc.), is that he is too complex a character to be credible as a mere butler and gardener. It would perhaps be more credible if "our alter ego" was eliminated and Austin himself was the protagonist, perhaps simply the inheritor instead of a mere servant...

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    I like Austin and the dog,they always cheer me up

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    Unpopular opinion, but I kinda only play the game for Austin. Like, 90% the reason. If you would make merchandise for him, I would definitely easily spend real money on him. However, not because of his looks. If it were just a figurine, I would probably reconsider. But his words are really encouraging and motivating and inspiring to me, and have actually helped me a lot in my life.

    PLEASE MAKE AUSTIN MERCH! (at least one user says so)

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    Good for all who feel encouraged by Austin, but to me he's more like a mixture of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and mansplaining.

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    Why Austin has different haircut?? When we see him close he is half bald but in the game when we see him from the distance he has hair on the top of the head??

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    I think Austins mother is very rude too! Why does she sit on Norahs lap?EC1A7B75-FEC7-4B35-9C04-54B107B637E7.jpg

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hanja View Post
    I think Austins mother is very rude too! Why does she sit on Norahs lap? ...
    LOL! good catch

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