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Thread: What Do You Think of Austin?

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    Austin should give us the option to grow flowers, or enter contests. Because I don't get the option to chose, I uninstalled gardenscapes

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    He reminds me of Batman's butler. I keep calling him Alfred. Lol.

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    Can he please stop taking all the credit and for the love of God stop calling the horse... Horsey 🤦

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    Austin comments

    I have played this game for a long time and have had quite a few smiles from Austin and friends comments. Why not? This is a game everyone plays for entertainment. Today, Austin commented on global warming. Regardless of my own thoughts on the subject, I was upset by the fact that my entertainment game had now become a reminder of political debate. I do not see why turning this game into a place for political commentary is either necessary or entertaining.

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    There is a more opinions about Austin and his comments:

    Personally I mostly do not reading in-game dialogues

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    Szép játék..csak sokszor nagyon nehez szintet lépni.

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    It can be turned into something that will make the feelings about the issue a feeling of relaxation; comforted as well.

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    Has anyone noticed that Austin always crosses his legs when he sits down? I’m Just saying...!
    Also if he continues to rub his head so often, he will definitely go bald (4 sur)!!! Just saying
    Thanks 4 allowing me to get this off my chest
    Whew 💁🏼*♀️🤷🏼*♀️🤦*♀️

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    Austin is a nice butler and very hard working with his dog.

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    Hahaha yah i notice that also he is alwayz crosses his legs wen he sets maybe that his hubby..

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