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Thread: What Do You Think of Austin?

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    Wait what country is this garden in? Not only is Austen left handed... he writes from right to left! So he could be Hebrew or Arabic or ??? But those places usually have superstitions about left handedness. John Lennon in USSR visited an elementary school, asked where the left handed children were. "Oh, there's none of that abnormality here! ".
    Something i just noticed and its peculiar.

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    لدي مشكله انا كنت بالمستوى 990 ورجعوني من الاول ليه 😭😭😭😭😭

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    Stupid WOW after each done lvl !!!

    When finally he stopped telling after each level WOW - before version I could fast click not to hear it, but now its so stupid and annoying. When u finally delete that stupid sound????

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    It's kind of weird that Austin's only social media contacts are the contractors he hires, and his parents.

    But my son loves the silly sounds Austin makes when you tap on him. And I didn't even realize, until my son started messing around, that you could do things like click on the swing to have Austin go on it, or make the dog play on the training equipment.
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    I joined this forum for the sole purpose of responding to this thread. I probably will never post again. I've been gaming for 30 years. Not ONCE in all that time have I ever felt the complete and utter irritation at a Non-Player Character that I feel toward Austin. Not once. I've played many different types of games over the years and in my opinion, I feel qualified to "call out" whomever writes Austin's dialogue. I'm incredibly annoyed by the sexist, sarcastic, pedantic, and idiotic verbiage used.

    1: "Lala, you should smile more." REALLY? Am I walking the streets of a city being harassed by some guy telling me to smile at him??? This is creepy and disgusting.
    2. His comments about exercise are ridiculous. It's none of Playrix's business if I exercise (which I do and am quite fit). I cannot believe a NPC just told me to exercise.
    3. "Do I always play at night?" Not even sure where to start with this one. Why is Playrix paying that much attention to when I play and what business is it of theirs? I play in the morning sometimes before I go to work so clearly I don't always play at night. Sometimes I even skip a night. This feels incredibly intrusive. Also, when he tells me I've been away for so long. I do have a life outside of this game. He also said it when I returned after 5 minutes. Clearly the algorithm failed here.
    4. The slow clap - since many have already commented I'll keep it brief. It's extremely irritating.
    5. His bossy attitude. Aren't I his supposed boss and owner of the mansion?
    6. His posts on his newsfeed where he's trying to be clever, sarcastic, or mysterious. No one likes an attention seeker on FB.
    7. His completely slow-witted family - they are not cute, old, or charming. They are unintelligent and boring.
    8. Again, also mentioned repeatedly, he doesn't do anything except complain. What truly irks me is when I spend coins to change a decoration and he has the nerve to tell me "it's not what I would have chosen." Just, WHATEVER. It's my dang garden, Playrix. Stop with this nonsense.

    I played this game years ago when it was first released as a Hidden Object PC version and I was stunned at the differences in dialogue. Austin was actually friendly in that version. I love decorating my garden so at this moment in time I will not stop playing. I've spent money trying to pass a few levels and I feel monetarily invested. However, if this dribble continues, I will absolutely stop playing.

    Let me once again reiterate that I have never, not once, felt this type of irritation at an NPC in any other game I've played. This game is supposed to fun. I don't mind the challenges of the levels. I completely understand that Playrix needs to make money. I understand the difficulties and why it sometimes feels that the algorithms are purposefully set to only allow a win after a certain number of tries; it's how the developers make money. That doesn't irritate me. However, a disrespectful, sexist, sarcastic, idiotic NPC is completely unnecessary and will eventually drive players away.

    As for having an ulterior motive, if he does, it would be a truly pedestrian plot line.

    I mean, really; the butler did it?? Ugh....

    Thanks for letting me vent. Guess I'll just go back to work and next time I play I'll try to ignore the donkey in game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lala0213 View Post
    "Lala, you should smile more." REALLY? Am I walking the streets of a city being harassed by some guy telling me to smile at him??? This is creepy and disgusting.
    He says the same to male players, so probably not related to your gender.

    Quote Originally Posted by lala0213 View Post
    "Do I always play at night?" Not even sure where to start with this one. Why is Playrix paying that much attention to when I play and what business is it of theirs?
    There's no such thing as privacy on the internet. Companies collect your login information, including what time you play, so that they can use it. They are permitted to collect whatever you do on their site. I used to work for a company that did data mining for online game sites, shopping sites, and others. They monitor what time you log on, how much you spend, which coin or booster packages you buy, and more. Playrix just has a dumb macro written to insert that dialogue whenever you login after a certain time.

    Everything else you say in your post, especially about his family, is hilarious and dead on!
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    I would never have said anything, but lala is so spot on that I feel impelled to agree. I guess I don't play very much, so it doesn't bother me as much, but I do try to avoid reading his dialogue for all these reasons!

    The night one irritates me hugely, it makes me feel that I oughtn't to play! That I'm a weirdo. But presumably there are lots of people who play at night time for various reasons?

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    Sort of glad to hear that the comment is directed to male players as well but I cannot stop wondering why people feel the need to tell others to smile. I smile all the time because honestly I'm just that kind of person, however, I'd never tell another how to feel. Someone told me right after my mother died to "smile, you're still alive." I guess that's another reason it has always bothered me.

    And you're right - data mining is a huge business. I get it. I really do. It's just so invasive and annoying. I know that's how companies can increase their business but I still hate it. I see ads follow me from website to website and I shouldn't expect less from a game, really. It's just shocking how much privacy we've lost. Not sure why I expect a game to be any different!!

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    You guys/gals are making me ignore my rule about not talking on forums but I'm so glad to learn I'm not the only one annoyed by Austin!! As for playing at night, I think most people who work during the day have more time to relax at night. I could be vastly wrong. I used to work the night shift at a hospital so morning was my prime game time (right before I sacked out).
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