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Thread: What Do You Think of Austin?

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    I like Austin enough that I went and bought the related hidden objects games for my computer so I could get more of his snark. ;-)

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    Wow, Jasini! Glad to hear you enjoy his company

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    I think he's awful! Occasionally I will snap back at the fish in Fishdom when they act entitled about the games I'm playing or the decorations I'm buying for them. But seriously they are adorable and pleasant compared to Austin. There is nothing left to butle except the odd and I do mean odd guest, and even then I'm working for stars to get him to open the door or put up a table with lemonade. Sheesh. I need to unionize.

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    I'm not particularly fond of Austin. What makes me dislike him the most though is his slow clap and sarcastic 'Wow.' when I win a game. That and I prefer my butler to do his job and not reminisce about his past.

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    Austin is quite the character, isn't he? He does a LOT of talking, even to himself. And for an employee, he is awfully bossy. You might have to imagine putting him in his place once in a while and ordering him to go do some odious task.
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    Quote Originally Posted by griefsquawk View Post
    Perhaps what's most telling is how insulted Austin gets at the insinuation that "the butler did it." Methinks the butler doth protest too much. The innocent among us don't get upset at mere insinuations because we have clear consciences. But Austin gets upset because he worries that the insinuations will lead to us catching on and growing suspicious of him. He knows that if we do, he'll have to kill again, and quite frankly, killing is a lot of work. And if there's anything Austin hates, it's doing w
    The butler did it again! Poor griefsquawk

    I have vented most of my complaints about Austin already in my other post (Anyone super annoyed with Austin?) but yeah I still get so annoyed with Austin from time to time especially after losing a level for many times.
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    I guess looking at these discussions have opened my eyes to Austin's trickery. He recently said "Let's water the rose with spring water." My immediate thought was "No, Austin, NO! YOU water the rose!" Unfortunately, I had to play along and eventually water the rose myself and now he wants ME to water it twice more! I am cutting off the WIFI to the mansion, assuming it really is my mansion, and I have not been duped into providing free help. I feel a bit of frustration watching him half-heartedly sweep dirt from one side of the garden to the other. And ever since reading someone else's post about his slow clapping and sarcastic-sounding "Wow" I think about it every time. I would like next time Austin reads the newspaper that he sees a job posting for a butler at that address just to see his reaction to it!

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    I love the wink.

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    He needs a hat, he is bald and will get skin cancer. I hate his guts and am planning his disappearance as I type. Lots of places to dispose of body.

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    Eu já gosto muito do Austin um ótimo mordomo dedicado e cuidadoso, não mudaria nada nele.

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