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Thread: What Do You Think of Austin?

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    What Do You Think of Austin?

    We've noticed that there's a certain love-hate attitude among our players towards their loyal butler Which side are YOU on? Do you think he has some secret agenda? Do you like his voice? Tell us everything!

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    It had not occurred to me he might have a secret agenda besides being helpful, but now I have to wonder! I do enjoy watching him go about his business sometimes and his comments on things. His voice after winning a level is a bit of a surprise, perhaps deeper than I would have expected. I think it was fun to find him amongst the townspeople asking for help in Township.

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    Here's some input from the forum...

    a positive...


    some others...

    Anyone super annoyed with Austin?


    Send Austin to a butler's convention

    You've been away all day

    and since you asked about the secret agenda...

    Gardenscapes: The Real Story

    Hope this helps!

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    if he have ahera and fat with out mastach be bater

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    You ask us about his voice,
    But my butler doesn't really speak . I do not hear his words.
    I only see his words written in french.
    Is this normal?

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    TBH I've always suspected Austin of having an agenda. First, there is the unexplained matter of the death of the player's great uncle. Shouldn't the notification of the death and inheritance be handled by a lawyer, not a butler? How did he die, and were the proper authorities notified? Back to that in a minute.

    Let's talk about coins and stars. Coins are obviously currency, but does that make stars energy, like in so many other games? Not necessarily. We know that the various contactors Austin hires work in exchange for stars, so stars must also be currency, much like how the USA and many other countries have paper money that goes alongside and far outweighs the value of a handful of coins. Why is this important? Because Austin can call in specialized contractors to do landscaping jobs that would cost hundreds or even thousands of real-world dollars for 3 to 4 stars... or use half that amount to check the mailbox, which shouldn't cost anything. So where does it all go? Obviously, straight into Austin's pockets, which makes him an embezzler. And he is obviously counting on our lack of familiarity with the local currency to get away with it.

    Surely if everything was above board, Austin would have to be paid in some way for whatever it is that he does, but this process is anything but transparent, which further suggests that Austin neither cares for nor is reliant upon the meager pittance that is a butler's salary.

    Speaking of what Austin does, has anyone ever seen him do actual work? No, really! When a contractor comes in to do work, there's always a wait time, usually several hours. Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither was this garden. But when it's Austin's turn to do work, what happens? The screen always fades to black, and we rejoin the world after the work has already been completed. Doesn't that strike anyone else as strange? It's almost as if Austin is using some kind of knockout gas to get rid of us while he hires yet another contractor, so that he can sit around, read the newspaper, drink lemonade and plot his next evil scheme while creating the appearance that he's doing actual work.

    Now, this kind of criminal empire doesn't get built in a day either. Which is precisely why the great uncle's death is so suspicious. This had to already be going on before we inherited the mansion. And since we were never informed of the great uncle's cause of death, nor even made aware that he had fallen ill, it suggests the possibility of foul play. Perhaps the great uncle discovered Austin's scheme and was planning to report it to the authorities... so he had to be "taken care of." Perhaps Austin himself is not the killer, but with his ill-gotten fortune and connections to the criminal underworld, it would have been easy to hire a hitman.

    Perhaps what's most telling is how insulted Austin gets at the insinuation that "the butler did it." Methinks the butler doth protest too much. The innocent among us don't get upset at mere insinuations because we have clear consciences. But Austin gets upset because he worries that the insinuations will lead to us catching on and growing suspicious of him. He knows that if we do, he'll have to kill again, and quite frankly, killing is a lot of work. And if there's anything Austin hates, it's doing w

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    Quote Originally Posted by griefsquawk View Post
    ... But Austin gets upset because he worries that the insinuations will lead to us catching on and growing suspicious of him. He knows that if we do, he'll have to kill again, and quite frankly, killing is a lot of work. And if there's anything Austin hates, it's doing w
    oh oh! are you alive and well, I hope?!

    really, the plot thickens...

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    I see now the insidious manipulations of Austin. He barely lifts a finger to do anything. I am still bitter I had to work to open his own suitcase early in the game, but didn't realize it was because he preferred to drink lemonade and play on his iPad while I toiled away in the garden fighting butterflies and moles and doing the work he should have been doing. It just occured to me as well that he is the one that gets to go to sleep in the mansion each night while I continue to work so he can "begin" his next day. I suppose he is inside laughing at his cleverness as he eats his hearty breakfast and watching television until I am finally able to call him out to do more "work".

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    Oh my, griefsquawk! I hope that your investigation didn't cause you any troubles, and Austin is not chasing you with a knife You continue to unravel the mystery that is this game and it may lead you to strange places and even stranger conclusions...could it be that we're dealing with a much greater and more sinister plan at work here? One might only wonder...

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    SpuriousNotion, I guess it's a universal opinion that our butler doesn't seem to do enough butlering these days

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