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Thread: Show Your Garden!

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    Show Your Garden!

    You have some particular place in the garden you enjoy most of all? Or you just noticed something funny and couldn't help but share with other players? We're always curious to see what's happening in your games so don't be shy and post some pictures of your gardens!

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    Is that a crockodile in my pond??!!??

    I love my gardens!! I do believe there is a gator or crockodile lurking. Maybe it will grab Austin and refuse to set him free untill I complete Level 1001, ha!

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    Is it true that with the recent updates those days that needs 4/5 stars to start a new day does not need that many stars anymore? I've seen a few gardens on YouTube at level 1001 and their garden looks much more completed than mine. If this is true I think it's only fair that the stars are returned to us. So that we can also use it to beautify our garden.

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    I agree! Why does everything cost so much!!!!!

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    How do you post pictures?

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    Playing lvl 1050 and never payed a dime, you just need to understand the game developers

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    je suis au niveau 77 je ne comprend pas comment je doit faire pour terminer le niveau

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    Finished section 3. Over 100 stars to complete.

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