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Thread: Tell Us Your Dog Stories!

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    What's your puppy's name and how did you choose it? What do you like most about them? You can attach screenshots, share your observations and we'll be happy to learn more about your little friends
    🔹 I named my little guy Rex cuz he just looked like it Rex! He’s adorable & entertaining ❤️ I accidentally discovered that you can pet him on the head (I tap my iPad screen) & he’ll either bark, whine, or roll over. Sadly, I’m a terrible trailer & can never get past the 2nd barrel level. Poor little guy gets so downcast traipsing back to the 1st barrel ... I feel horribly guilty 😳 Ah well, maybe I’ll improve given time! I guess we’re training each other 🤪 🔹

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    🙃 There’s actually 1 more move ... he has to jump right into his bowl to get the treat‼️ Maybe cuz he’s just a puppy ⁉️

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    mines Padfoot because i love harry potter "Sirus Black" as an animagus

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    Named the dog Shooter. Couldn't think of a name and was flipping through the TV channels. One of the tv shows was Shooter & that is how the dog got his name.

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    I want a cat!! 😊🐈😻😁

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hörnchen View Post
    I want a cat!! 😊🐈😻😁
    And you will get one, when you finish the main garden area and open the guest house area
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    I named my pup Isobel, after my own dog. Thought it was a cute addition to the game to be able to have a issue though - is that i had just begun training my dog, and the next day the option to train her was gone! What is up with that? And will there ever be another option to go back to training the dogs? 🥺

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