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Thread: Tell Us Your Dog Stories!

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    I called him Bentley. I think this is a strong name for such a cute dog. My brother named his real dog Lexus, which is also a car (i suggestet Bentley for his next dog, but he allready decided to name it Taxi) and i think Bentley really fits in this invironement. My nice named her puppy "Jeck" - she is 8 and we are german so this his her way to spell jack. She also dicided to rename him every day when she first had him, but i am quite sure she forgot about that quickly.
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    My dogs name is Usta-B. cuz at the same time I got a puppy on the game.. my "Bully" pup was scheduled to be nuetered. A male friend had been very vocal in his objection to this, expressing his horror and sympathy on the dogs behalf.
    He is a very persistant and funny person and with two days to go before scheduled operation, I made the mistake of asking for input on name.. He replied that if the puppy (game puppy) was mine and male "USTA-B" would be a good name, as he said , I was sure to have it nuetered as well, Then it would Usta-b a boy too

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    Me for now (I play it on my phone and my PC), I just have the dog on mobile for now and the name of my dog is Zéphyr, because of what I have seen in the trailer...Also, I have a cat named Zéphyr (also, this name means, "wind", in German).

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    Il mio cane si chiama Cap, è il nick del mio fidanzato 😂

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    I have 2 dogs.

    I have a hunting dog and is name is Hank!! He is a 45 pound guy that thinks there is enough room in my chair for both of us!

    I also have a yorkie-poo and his name is Shorty! He is a 20 pound guy that knows there is enough room in my chair for both of us!

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    My dogs name is SaulGoodman because I was watching Better Call Saul when I got him! 😀

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    My owner's name is Sir Cumference (a pun on the word circumference) so when Austin got a dog, I wanted a name just as punny and related to circles as Sir C.

    I named the dog Radius. Its such a kickass Latin name. If Austin gets another nameable pet I will call it Diameter, because its Greeky.

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    My dogs name is Buster. We had a beagle years ago that I loved. Like arrow said he lives on even if it only a game.

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    My dog's name is Scrappy. He just looked like a Scrappy. But I have a suggestion.. Why not offer Dog Treats on the spin wheel. I think that would be great! Then he could be more involved in the game!

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    The pup Austin adopted at the beginning of the game had his name changed twice.

    At first, he was named after my current rescue Loki. However, while my real world Loki is special in his own way, it just didn't "fit". Loki, was found by an old friend & at the time roommate of mine, as a youngin on a stateroad and wasn't trying to escape the path of very fast oncoming traffic... After having him for 24 hrs we figured out that he is 100% deaf. He's done very well at learning everything any dog without a disability knows over the past going on four years.

    Loki, was renamed to Jarvis, after my first ever rescue that I got from Animal Care and Control ( a high kill shelter) nearly 15 years ago now. Jarvis over came the parvovirus that he contracted at the shelter and then stuck it out with me during his first 8 years of his life while I was in a very abusive relationship. I joked often that because I had saved his life twice, that he owed me the same in return. The dog was the most trainable and independently intellegent example of the canine species I have still yet to come across in going on 32 years on this Earth. During those 8 years, I've lost count how many times he saved my life in return. We were a pair, he is my "soul dog". In the end, i had to make the difficult decision to let him go to a rescue for senior dogs because I found myself unemployed for the first time in fifteen years on a Monday and by Wednesday, my now ex (who a few months prior chose to kill two of my other dogs because he couldn't get to me at the time), decided it was a good idea to start the day out with a tussle... I had enough, and couldn't let any of us go on in that kind of sick and dangerous environment anymore. I wanted to take Jarvis with me so bad, but I honestly didn't know where I was going to sleep nor eat that night nor anytime soon. Sooo, this digital pup, gives me a big ol saddened, happy, and thankful feeling Everytime he stands up on his hind legs and turns in a circle (the real Jarvis's favorite trick to earn his "pupcorn"
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