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Thread: Having trouble with level 77

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    Having trouble with level 77

    How do I collect 2 lemonade's?

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    I'm at level 77 as well I used the 1 of each boost and 65 lives and I have only been able to get 1 lemonade gone

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    77 sure is the ultimate wall. We see a number of threads each week regarding this level. In fact just two days ago I responded to a few others who were struggling with this level. I will just copy and paste what I wrote there for you here:

    The goal should be to shift one of the lemonades to the other side so that both lemonades are heading out the same exit. You really only want to focus on one side of the board. This way you only need to deice and remove the solo fruit from one side. You can do that with two rainbow blasts but rainbow blast doesn't charge that fast on 77. And because it's such tight quarters you don't often make many combo explosions. More likely you'll need to use a rainbow blast and a bomb to do the freeing and removing. Either order works but usually trying to deice with a bomb first is less stressful. Since you may well only make 1 rainbow blast, be sure to save it for removing the solo fruit once your lemonades are in position. Having the two lemonades stacked on each other is critical. If there's fruit in between them then you'll need another rainbow blast or bomb which isn't fun. Hopefully this adds some additional insight and good luck!

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