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Thread: How To Get More Lives Through Your Friends

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    How To Get More Lives Through Your Friends

    If your game is connected to Facebook, you can send lives to your friends or receive lives from them.
    You can also invite other friends from Facebook to play the game. To do it, just tap the Lives icon in the upper left corner of the screen. After you close the Lives window, a new window pops up asking if you want to invite friends to the game.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: the friend invitation window only opens once a day.

    Follow these steps to send/ask for lives:
    - Open Gardenscapes
    - Tap the Lives icon. The "Get more lives!" window will appear.
    - There will be 3 options: send lives, ask for lives and refill lives.
    - Tap the "send lives" or "ask for lives". Another window will pop up, featuring the list of your friends who play Gardenscapes.
    - Choose people from the list by tapping their names or by tapping on the “Select all” to choose all friends in the list.

    NOTE #1: You can send and ask only 1 life a day to the same person as well as receive only 1 life a day from the same person.
    NOTE #2: sending coins/stars/decorations or any other items except for lives is not available in the game.
    NOTE #3: the feature of visiting friends’ gardens is also not available in the game.

    If you need more friends who play Gardenscapes, you can find them here on forum, or on our official Facebook page:
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