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Thread: Stuck on Level 219 [Merged Thread]

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    Ahhh, 219. It's a beast, that level. In fact, they've changed it once already. The whole bottom of the board used to shift around. The only help I can add is somewhat obvious. Focus on power-up creation. Do your best not to detonate power-ups until you can blow up 2 or 3 with one detonation. Generating rainbow blasts can be a saving grace in this level, especially if you get lucky enough to swap two rainbow blasts and destroy all the rocks at once. I'm pretty sure most of us got stuck on that level for quite awhile so know that you're not the only one. Good luck.

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    Level 219

    I have been trying for 2 weeks can't get it

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    Is your level the same as the one shown in this video?
    If not, could you attach a screenshot? (Level numbers have changed a few times)

    If that is your level, I'd add the following commentary to the video:

    To start, focus on making bombs. If you can, explode multiple powerups at the same time to charge rainbow blast faster. Try to wait to use the rainbow blast until you have two of them next to eachother, to clear the board quickly. At the very least, don't use it until you've cracked a good number of the stones. Once you've got some rocks cleared, focus on getting the lemonade onto the lily pads. Make them fall anywhere on the bottom row and they will eventually make it out.

    One thing to note is that you do not have to have the stones and wood completely clear to beat the level. Once you have enough clear that the lemonade can get to the bottom, don't go out of your way to destroy them

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    Level 219

    Bonjour !!

    Quel truc pour réussir le niveau 219, il semble impossible à faire !!! Merci 😊

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    Unhappy Level 219 - days later

    I am so stuck on this level - have looked at posted utube posts to try to figure this one please! Driving me crazy - how do I get past this level?

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    Level 219 really is a beast
    It took me 5 lives to understand how it works.
    Really tricky.
    Now I at least get 4 Lemonades out.

    As always, it depends a lot of how the board is going.
    So patience and fortuna's sympathy again is the most required virtue.

    Hopeful greetings from Germany.

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