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Thread: Stuck on Level 219 [Merged Thread]

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    Stuck on Level 219 [Merged Thread]

    How do you get all 6 in 219 really mad now spent 3.99 on moves and still can't do it help

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    Same problem here. I have used power up, bought extra moves, still can't get past it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Julie Newton View Post
    How do you get all 6 in 219 really mad now spent 3.99 on moves and still can't do it help

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    I don't have much advice for 219. So many rocks and not a lot of space to work and with the lily pads pulling everything towards the top, getting the lemonades down can be tricky. The main goal is to drop your lemonades onto the lily pads and let the current carry them to the exit. Don't try to work them down just get them on the main lily pad line and let the level do the rest of the work. With all those rocks, generating large power-ups is going to be pretty critical to your success. This is one of the few levels where Rainbow Blasts aren't overly effective. That is if you use them one at a time. Save your rainbow blasts, you never know when you'll get two side by side and be able to swap them and clear the board. While unlikely, you never know. Move lemonades onto lily pads, make large explosives, cross fingers and pray for a little luck. Sorry I don't have more insight. Good luck!

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    Stuck on level 219

    I've been stuck on level 219 for a week - played it >100 times and tried different power ups, but still can't get past it. I watched a "walk through" on YouTube (ever notice how they conveniently get about 6 bombs in their first 2 moves?) but noticed the playing field was totally different, so it was no help at all. The few times I've come close I've had glasses of lemonade stuck off to one side or the other (or both) and can't get a move to get them over into the stream. Any and all suggestions greatly appreciated!! Thanks!!

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    Has just been trying to pass this level. That's the tough one for sure. I got lucky and was able to get two rainbow blasts next to each other, matched them and got the perfect field without any stones on it. If you can't do that, make sure you get as many power-ups as possible. It's best if you can move the glasses of lemonade right to the current. I hope this info will be helpful

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    I lucked out two times and got the double rainbow blast, but it didn't help because both times a glass of lemonade was stuck on both sides and I couldn't get then out. Any tips on how to get glasses over to the stream when they are stuck to the far right or far left? Thanks.

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    Yeap that's the hardest part, I guess. You know, for me it works best when there is a firecracker, which I get a lot. and I can easily move the glass of lemonade to the place of the firecracker. Otherwise, jsut waiting for a perfect piece to change places with lemonade may take quite some time..

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    Thank you for the tips

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    I'm having a difficult time with this level also. I've tried using multiple power ups at the beginning to no avail. I'm beginning to believe you need to purchase additional turns in addition to the power ups to pass it. However, after purchasing them in the past, having the game cheat me out of wins by not letting me go to the next level when beating other levels on the last turn & receiving no reply from the developers when I brought it to their attention, I'm against making further purchases. No telling how long I'll be stuck on this level. Good luck.

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    Stuck on 197 myself so I have no advice, only moral support to offer.. Hang in there! IM SURE ITS NOT FIRSF LEVEL THAT HAS CAUSED YOU GRIEF.. EVENTUALLY YOU WILL GET IT..

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