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Thread: Stuck - Level 124

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    Stuck - Level 124

    Stuck on level 124

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    Focus on clearing the rocks in the middle, don't worry about the top two, just the three on either side and the two on the bottom if it works out. One good bomb in the middle can really free up some space though you'll have to blow up one or two with firecrackers to make enough space to make that possible. Blow up the middle or bottom rock of the three to increase your chance at creating a bomb. You will only make 1 rainbow blast this level and it will be close to your last few moves most likely. You will need that to collect the remaining flowers. Once the rocks from the middle are clear. Make every match count and hit as many flower pots at once as possible. If you have all six flower pots in the middle free of their inner rocks, you can make enough flowers to reach your goal. Every match should be growing at least 1 flower plot if not more. Just keep making flowers until you have enough on the board combined with what you've already collected and then use the rainbow blast to collect what's left.

    Good luck!

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    Thanks, I was looking for help. The many rocks make it hard to create only one firecracker. I'll go on.

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