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    Jewelry Factory

    I'm interested to know your opinion of buying the jewelry factory versus just using the dealer to buy jewelry. Also, what do you make in it and what do you need to make it? I'm at level 53 and coins are not a problem, but I don't want to give up my land space for a factory I don't need to have. Also, I'm curious as to whether or not you feel the second apiary is needed in the game at higher levels. At this point, I hardly use the first one and don't want to give up the space if it doesn't really get used.

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    Speaking only for myself, I only built one Apiary and I only added 1 extra hive (for a total of 4 hives). I haven't use it very much and certainly haven't needed additional hives or the other Apiary. So far! LOL.

    The Jewelry Factory only makes jewelry items from ingots. However, if you do build it eventually and upgrade the XP for it, it pays off big time in earning XP faster for leveling up. I buy all my jewelry from Raja, never make it at the factory. I have upgraded the factory to increase the XP by 50%.
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    I rarely use the jewellery factory and just tend to ignore the mafioso guy when he places an order. Once I have all my factories and the trains upgraded I will use it, but that will be quite a while yet.

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    Katie Repik
    I buy all my jewelry from Raj.... when I have all my factories upgraded to +50%, and maximum experience, I will use the jewelry factory. That will be a few months.

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