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Thread: how to earn xp more quickly

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    I echo Graylady's sentiments about the wheat as the best crop to harvest for XP (for free!)

    However, I would add one twist - if you are about to exit the game for several hours, try to figure out about how long until you will be back. Then, plant a crop that will be ready for harvest in just under that time. The higher the cost, the higher the XP (and I do agree an XP chart could be helpful, as the game doesn't show you the XP when you want to plant - only when you harvest.)

    When you come back to the game, harvest that crop for the higher XP. Keep it or sell it depending on your barn space, and go back to planting wheat.

    All the other tips are important, too! Fill orders for XP (and don't be afraid to cancel/trash orders that you don't want to fill! I played for about a month before I figured that one out - I wasn't using this forum at the time.) You can increase the XP for trains, too - not just factories, via the foundry.

    Good luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Graylady View Post
    Hi Barbara-Jean

    We don't have a list of XP by product. Maybe it would be usefull to have one. Let me think about that
    Is there a way to determine the XPs in the game itself?


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    Hi BillieMor and welcome to the forums

    There is no way just by looking at thing into the game. We have to collect the thing and watch what amount will float up.

    See this for a lot of products. I'm ready to add more results later today.

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