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Thread: 31.01 Ask The Writer!

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    31.01 Ask The Writer!

    Hi folks!

    Did you ever wonder who writes all these funny jokes and witty remarks for Austin and other characters in Gardenscapes? Well, we present to you one of our lead writers — Sasha Khizhnyakova! She’ll be happy to answer any story- or character-related questions of yours so don’t be shy and ask away!

    We'll then choose the most interesting questions you posted on Facebook and Forum and pass them to Austin. And in a week he’ll interview Sasha to shed light on what you were so curious about!

    A few things to keep in mind when posting questions:

    - Read the forum rules before posting
    - Only one question per comment is allowed
    - Make sure there’s a question in your comment, and that it’s addressed to the writer, not to the developers of the game
    - Check out the list of ideas that cannot be implemented in Gardenscapes
    - Stay positive

    - Nataly
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    I have seen a similar haircut as yours before at Playrix . . . thinking, thinking . . . ah, yes, Liza Makhina. Do you have an "in-house" salon? LOL.

    Apologies for not asking a question about Gardenscapes.

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    Have you decided an ending for the game story or is it still not visible in the horizon?

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    Do you have several possible major paths the story can go on your storyboard or do the writers discuss and decide a little at a time, always going in one direction with the story?

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    Where did the story/idea of the game come from? I'm thinking of how you came up with this type of game combining decorations and match-3, having a mansion with a butler, with an in-game realtime newsfeed

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    this games always freezes up takes my lives and takes my other stuff what is up with this game

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    same here wish they would fix it ,started right after they did the maintence

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