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Thread: Olivia Island or more land?

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    Mark Gatson

    Olivia Island or more land?

    Recently expansion tools have become hard to come by. I just finally got that second axe I've been waiting for days to get and am able to either buy a square of land or open Olivia Island. I don't use the port that much, I pretty much just sell the fruit and jam. Would it be a good idea to just get that Island open and out of the way or just continue with land expansion? I know there's a third Island, but that's a long ways away for me.

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    I went for the island expansions over land but I guess it depends how desperate you are for space, you'll be surprised how quick those tools come in if you're getting your planes and trains off regularly and the fruit from the islands will help. I managed to start the 2nd island going and then had enough for 3rd one ages before 2nd had finished "getting ready"

    Hope that helps but probably not LOL

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    Mark Gatson
    I'm not that desperate for land I just had a plan going. Now this port comes in and starts tugging me in different directions. Trains are always rolling but don't bring many expansion tools, planes don't see much action because work doesn't allow me the time to fill them.

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    IMHO, I would rather be expanding my land.... with more land, I could build more house which will increase farm ploto which in turn will make it easy for me to supply myself. Opening the islands will meant more tasks to be completed in the game..'

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    I would go for the island because you might get orders and trains and planes asking for Olivia Island goods even if you dont have it developed yet.

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    I would go for island first because most of the orders now asks for fruits so you will need the fruits to fill them. IMO people should ask for fruits in orders only if we have the island already explored, but not if we have not. This is really slowing me down as I don't have the last island yet.
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    How do I get more islands? I only have Fructus, do I need to level up or expand?

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    Crispy Have you looked around there are big clouds, look around past the island, I know there is one that is coming.

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    Hi Crispy and welcome to the forums

    Go to the islands and look around. In the middle of the clouds you should see a name to click that will tell you how much it cost to get Olivia and Tropica. It should tell you at what level they are available if necessary (I don't know at what level they are available). It will tell you what tools you need too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Barbara-Jean View Post
    Crispy Have you looked around there are big clouds, look around past the island, I know there is one that is coming.
    Thanks so much Barbara-Jean, just saw the clouds and thought there was nothing there

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