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Thread: Better Rewards. Whatya Get?

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    Smile Better Rewards. Whatya Get?

    Golden League First Place:
    5 Platinum Igots
    6 Shovels
    1 Vibrant Market Booster

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    Third piace in golden league... cookies, wood planks, glass, ring, mining stuff, 1 gem... very disappointing... no ingots, no boosters, no serious gem pack... why bother competing to get freaking cookies????!!

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    First place gold league, no gems, no boosters... I got better rewards placing first in the silver and steel leagues.

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    Some already stated in another thread last week that the "better rewards" now seem inferior to the rewards we got before ... which already left much to be desired :

    We came in first in golden league this week: Most of us got T-Cash, which is nice. But other than that only the usual bricks, screwdrivers, hammers.
    One (!) of us got 3 rubies, of which he now has 66.

    The most valuable and desired prize, the booster, which was a reward before, has gone AWOL now.

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    If this is the devs idea of better rewards, please bring back the old ones. After a week of hard work to come first in gold league I think we deserve better than red gems (we all have too many of these already) - gives us orange ones if you must, building materials just means more stuff filling up my barn.

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    I agree. Admittedly 3rd in golden leaque but I had 3 white slabs, 3 silver ingots and 3 saws, most of which I dont need, although ingots may be useful. Interestlingly different members of our co op had different prizes, so must be town based, Hardly fair

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    I agree too! The rewards are sub par at best. They were better before the "new improved" prizes. This week we finished first and I got 6 screwdrivers(which I sold because I gave up on the zoo a long time ago), 3 rubies(I had 63 before the reward) and 5 slabs(again, completely useless and sold). To say I'm disappointed would be an understatement.

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    Quote Originally Posted by boudica View Post
    Interestlingly different members of our co op had different prizes, so must be town based, Hardly fair
    These different prizes for different members seem to be completely random, as we often have the higher levels get the less valuable prizes, so no attachment here.
    This is another question that leaves to be answered: Why these random different prizes? We all would much prefer to get the same!

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    First place silver league.
    12 dollars, boards, shovels. Not an improvement!

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    1st in Golden League (Tigger's Den)
    My prizes were.

    5 Platinum Ignots
    5 Axes
    7 Dynamite

    I have never received cash as a prize... only as a buoy reward.

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