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Thread: Free betty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Free betty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    FREE BETTY!! A member of our team, Super Regatta, has been falsely accused of cheating twice in a 48 hour period all due to a PLAYRIX GLITCH. This is the 3rd time in 2 months that this has happened to her. She has sent all of her receipts showing her TOWNCASH purchases to Playrix, and each time they have apologized to her for THEIR MISTAKE. But, it keeps happening. BEWARE AMAZON KINDLE PLAYERS! THIS COULD HAPPEN TO YOU! Playrix is not only hurting her by FALSELY BANNING her, but they are PUNISHING our Regatta by keeping her from racing. BETTY IS NOT A HACKER! She is a Senior citizen who has always played fairly, and WE WANT HER BACK.
    PLEASE SHARE THIS to send themessage to ALL Township players because none of us who are HONEST,LOYAL players are above PLAYRIX'S GLITCHES.
    DON'T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU, or to one of your team-mates.
    Spread the word, and FREE BETTY!!!!!!!!

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    I love how you care for your fellow coop member. This game does cement bonds between players, doesn't it?

    You could do with a little less CAPS though.

    I agree false positive bans suck. It's bad when that happens just once to you. It's terrible when that happens twice in 48 hours like that. That's enough to make someone quit the game.

    False positive bans suck for Playrix as well. It gives their support unneeded work. It's in their interest as well to reduce this from happening. And it's also in all of our interest that they have tools to stop cheat users.

    A false positive ban is never Playrix claiming you're anything but honest and loyal. It's just an algorithm that coldly and logically decides your behaviour is akin to that of a cheat user. Make the algorithm too strict and it's not effective against cheat users anymore. Make it too broad and you get collateral damage. Both outcomes are as undesirable to Playrix as they are to us, I wager, for different reasons perhaps, but still.

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