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Thread: Port crashes game

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    Port crashes game

    I just got my port, I can open the port screen, send a ship out, start developing another island, but whenever I try to return home, the game crashes. When I reload the port is where it was before I started the last time.

    I saw a response to another problem about using the 'Report an Issue' tab, but I do not have any email app. Not sure how to get the rest of the information you may need.


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    Are you playing on an original Kindle Fire?
    My wife is having the same problem on hers.

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    I'm on a Motorola Droid X

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    Hi mx5421

    You could try to uninstall and reinstall the game as it solve problems sometimes.

    As you don't have an email app on your device, you can send an email to

    Tell them your device model and the android version on it. Give them the name of your town and as much details about the problem as possible.

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