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Thread: Level 143

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    Level 143

    I can't get past level 143, any hints?

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    Pareil pour moi et sans booster on ne peut rien faire

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    I am so sick of trying to do this level that I am ready to quit the game. Unfortunate but enough is enough. Unless someone can help me I am out of here!

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    Hi there!

    143 can seem really intimidating. So many things, so thoroughly encased in ice. Getting 40 water drops is hard enough but adding in the flowers can really add to the challenge. The main thing I usually tell people with this level is to focus on one side of the board or the other. There are 6 total plots to grow flowers, you really on need access to 3 of them. Start by breaking your way down through the ice, then pick a side and focus on destroying all the ice on just that side. Save your first rainbow blast for water drops and save your second for closer to end to gather the flowers you've grown. Remember the goal is not to destroy all the ice, so focus on creating power ups to generate rainbow blasts, freeing up the top plot and the two lower plots (on which ever side is going better) and choose to make matches that grow flowers as often as you can. As usual, the closer to the bottom you can make matches, the more automatches you'll make as well.

    Good luck!

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    I finally did it! I was able to beat it by concentrating on onlyrics one corner and only that. So just get flowers by concentrating on that section.

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