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Thread: Handling of SUSPECTED cheating

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    Handling of SUSPECTED cheating

    I am currently not able to participate in the regatta because of SUSPECTED cheating. I suggest that the player be contacted first to prove or disprove this allegation BEFORE they lose points, placement, rewards, contact with others and, in some cases, the group they belong to. I am currently waiting for a response from support to prove I was not cheating and, as yet, have not even received a confirmation that they received my complaint. It is a horrible feeling being accused of cheating and even worse feeling like one is playing alone.

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    Soy sospecho de hacer trampas

    Quiero saber cómo volver al principio del juego o por lo menos que me dejen interactuar con otros jugadores. Me apareció al poner de nuevo el juego en otra aplicación

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