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Thread: Lost Progress

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    I just lost several days updations my expansions,buildings,completed chinese event,cash,regetta points even my entire 56-55 levels.anybody can help to regain all.

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    A Lady in my co-op has also lost several days progress. She has lost her Chinese event progress, and regatta points. This is the second time it has happened, the first was before the Chinese new year update. Her device is a kindle.

    She feel she has let every one down because we finished 4th instead of 3rd in the regatta and it is not her fault.

    Can we have some comments from the Playrix staff or one of the moderators?

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    I too have lost days of progress. Set back 2 levels. My t money has disappeared. My daily progress has rest to one day on. My Chinese New Years tree was complete and has completely disappeares. I messaged support a couple of days ago when my daily progress disappeared after the update. I have yet to hear back from anyonr other than an automated response. I hope it has not affected my teams regatta standings as we were in first place but I don't think it has. Hopefully this can be resolved before the next regatta as I had worked hard to almost reach level 47 and gain all the tmoney etc.
    Turns out all my regatta tasks I did were also deleted. Luckily the regatta was tallied prior to this happening as my coop had placed first by a narrow margin. All the t bucks I recieved from the New Yeara tree plus all the level work etc I have done plus all the buildings I have built.
    Playrix has replied to me saying a server failed and that they cannot reset everything back to where it was when this happened. They are offering some recompense but I spent days getting up to the level I was at and completing the tree and buildings and now have to do it all over again.
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    I just lost days of progress disappointed anyone know what happened

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    Same thing happened to me. My tree of light is gone, buildings I've completed are incomplete. Don't even want to check my zoo.

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    I had the exact same problem I was so close to completing my tree of light and it's all gone also my other progress is gone as well

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    Had the same problem as Gotham. One of our co op members completed 16 tasks so paid for extra task. It only showed as 13 in statistics. She reported it and has done everything playrix asked but still not got her tcash back and we too came fourth instead of third

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    Are we going to hear from any of the administrators about this? After my huge setback I was able to regain, with hard work, all the loss. I am just worried that it will happen again. Is it something specific to do with Amazon Fire? Was it something we did? Have they fixed the problem . . . or can they tell us what to watch for . . .

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    My wife lost over a month of progress. And 275 or so t dollars this morning. How do they even fix that.

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    Comigo aconteceu de perder o progresso, as tarefas da regata e notas t- Cadu que comprei em uma promoção do próprio jogo! Já entrei em contato com os administradores e nada até agora! Desde a atualização da semana passada! E tenho todos os recibos para comprovar que sempre compro notas! Adoro esse jogo e participar das regatas porém estou decepcionada

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