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Thread: Lost Progress

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    Same happened to us, lost three days of progress. This ruins regatta scores for weeks to come
    Co-op Mikkamakka

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    I have lost 2 days at least of progress, dollars gems, regatta. Went right back to installing of the tree of light after the update!!

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    This is beginning to sound more and more like a Playrix problem and perhaps they are at work fixing it. Since my initial setback and my own work to catch up . . . things seem fine, so have hope.

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    I also lost days of progress. I only play on my Kindle so I shouldn't be syncing with any other devise. I have tried the re-install but that did not work.

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    OMG!! Me too, I was on level 29, LOTS of money, gems, factories,just sent off my first ship. I lost all of that, Was back to winter time, back to level 26, only $5,000, no ship, very few factories, less people, The Regatta..... I had finished days ago ,now it says I am on my third task! My co-op group not happy either, all those points lost!! I have uninstalled, restarted, reinstalled so many times still WHERE IS MY GAME??!!!!!!

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    I used to be known as fiery mercenary 15355. I lost that act somewhere.
    I have started a new account under cirruscruiser . I would like to get my old game andstandingsback

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    Same has happened to me thinking of deleting the game

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    Is it weird that absolutely nobody from the game is replying to any of us, either in the game or here? I don't want to sound spoiled, but this is their website and forum.

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    I have lost progress since updating tree of light gone t cash special offer Ipurchased regatta tasks I had completed gone

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    I just opened the game. Daily bonus appeared, though I had collected it this morning. Showed I had returned to day 1 of bonus. I've played very day for months. My rating points appear correct, but it was exactly like it was 7 days ago. Lost zoo buildings, progress on Chinese New Year. It is like I ignored the game for 7.5 days.

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