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Thread: Lost Progress

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    For me the same,Promiss me my 350tcash back,but nothing NO tcash NO mail.
    And lost a lot of items...
    Got 40 tcash and 7000 coins but that is peanuts,I lost a lot more.
    I Hope that township Read al our complains,and be fair to all of us.
    Untill then..IBuy NO more tcash.
    So Township....Help us.....IT is not our problem that this happend
    Sorry for my english,IAm dutch
    I bought the tcash by PayPal,and I Will complain There,maby you can do the same.
    Because I payed for the tcash,and now IT is gone,, misstake of Township.
    IT is money back,of my tcash back
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    Lost days worth of progress too and support just ignores me. Very disappointing that I can't get reimbursed .

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    Hi. Hey everyone. There is no help for any lost items or progress. No customer support whatsoever. Run fast. Horrible so called "support"

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    Last Monday my game randomly restarted and opened to a day approx I week earlier. I lost 2 levels, a $170,000 factory (the Grill), a $32,000 community building, ALL of the Chinese NY decorations, the $1,050 promo tCash, the candy I had spent 2 days backlogging, decorations I had purchased the prev day, factory upgrades & ingots, 7 cleared fields, etc, etc, etc. ALL I heard from in-game support was we've fixed the issue. NO offer to refund the tCash that I bought with REAL money, or the $200,000++ of game money I had worked so hard to get. I am SO upset. Everyone keep posting -- this should NOT be allowed. The worst customer support of any game.

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    I feel like I am in ground hog day. My progress is not saving at all. I have collected my regatta prizes at least 5 times tonight!

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    How do you contact customer support? on my tablet it just lists help support no link to customer support!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snowdrop View Post
    How do you contact customer support? on my tablet it just lists help support no link to customer support!
    Once in the Help and Support section, go to the loss of progress. Click on the message icon on top right. Explain your problem in details and send. You will get first an automatic message at the same place. You will get an answer from someone evntually but be patient. The service is slow.
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