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Thread: Lost Progress

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    Lost Progress

    I have worked for hours on the tree of light and the regatta since the last update. I have removed snow and changed configuration of the area (minor details). This morning when I went in all the progress was gone. It was as if I had just updated and all the snow was back and the money gone and the gains in my regatta task. Very disappointing!!!

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    Hi. i have exactly the same problem - I've lost days of progress across the board, and a lot of my recently won/earned valuables like barn nails.
    Tree of light reset totally and my regatta progress has is now practically nothing meaning my coop team isn't doing as well as it should be and I might be kicked out as we have a minimum participation!

    The FAQ don't say whether it's better to keep playing or wait it out. I contacted support yesterday but nothing back yet and now I can't find the issue log number.

    Are lots of us having this problem? I'd rather not update so often if the bugs are going to ruin everything!

    In the hope that support read this thread... My town is Croxted and I'm in the "Imagine that" coop.
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    The same thing happened to me. Lost 3 days of progress. No tree of light progress, my completed race track deleted, my level went down and to top it all, my regatta tasks disappeared. If many are experiencing it, how come they havent provided solution? I don't want to redo all those. Such a waste of my effort in case they can fix it.

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    E o fornecedor que contratamos por um dia e ele só nos serve por 12 horas!!! Como assim, trapasse pelo próprio jogo!!! Desapontada.

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    I haven't received a reply from the admins either. I am continuing play AFTER I reset my Amazon Fire. Redid all the things that were deleted back to the update and have just caught up to where I was. So far things seem to be working.

    I have also left a text in the Coop request bar and apologized and explained things. I have been a pretty good worker in the Regetta and helping out with requests so I'm hoping they forgive me.

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    Hi! I have the same problem! My progress of 3 days and tree of light have been lost. Three tasks dissappeared! And no reply from support service! It's very disappointing!

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    Same problem here. Out of the blue it reset 4 days. Lost task progress, experience points, coins, and even tbucks which I purchased from the special. Still got the receipt even. Disappointing is right.

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    Hi is anybody there who can helps me please
    A friend tried to download an app lucky patches and get viruses and now he can't use anymore the chat or to participate to the raggata any clue how he could fix that. Thank you

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    Same here. Days worth of play lost.... Happened within the past hour or so

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    Same here. I left my Kindle at home when I went to a friend's for a couple nights and played on my phone. Now my phone and Kindle are out of sync. I even uninstalled then reinstalled the app to both devices. Nada. And yes, the game is saved via Facebook.

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