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Thread: Islands & Their Products

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    Islands & Their Products

    How do I go to the islands?

    First you have to repair your port. After this is completed, you click on it to go visit your island(s).

    How do I get Olivia, Tropica and Fishermen islands ?

    You have to buy them. Click on the port and look around. You will see their name in the middle of the clouds. Click on a name and you will see how much it cost and what tools you need.

    I don't have all the data about each island but here is some ;

    To finish building the Olivia Island it takes 36 hours or 20 T-cash
    To buy the Tropica Island, you need 4 shovels, 4 axes and 19,000 coins. It takes 48 hours to build or 20 T-cash.
    To buy the Fishermen's Island, you need 6 saws, 6 axes, 6 shovels and 45,000 coins. It takes 60 hours or 22 T-cash to complete.

    How do I get more boats ?

    You have to buy them. Click on the Yellow Hat button to go to your store, click on Special. You can have up to 4 boats.

    How do I send a boat ?

    Click on the island you want to send the boat too. This will open the menu to "fit" your boat with ingots or not.

    Each boat has 3 holds and each hold can carry up to 3 fruits.

    You can add 1 ingot when you send a boat to an island. Just one ingot per boat.

    Frutus Isle

    It cost 70 coins to send a boat away and take 4 hours to come back

    You can get 3 fruits from it : peaches, watermelons and plums

    Here are the probabilities of each product with or without adding an ingot.

    Frutus Isle Peach Watermelon Plum Chest
    No ingot 100% 75% 25% 0%
    Bronze (copper) 100% 85% 45% 10%
    Silver 100% 100% 66% 33%
    Gold 100% 100% 80% 33%
    Platinum 100% 100% 100% 50%

    Olivia Isle Level 35

    You can get Grapes, Olives and Lime from it.

    It cost 100 coins to send a boat away and take 7 hours to come back

    Olivia Isle Grape Olive Lime Chest
    None 100% 67% 27% 0%
    Bronze(copper) 100% 80% 45% 20%
    Silver 100% 97% 52% 27%
    Gold 100% 100% 77% 40%
    Platinum 100% 100% 100% 60%

    Tropica Isle Level 41

    You can get Coconuts, Bananas and Pineapples from it.

    It cost 120 coins to send a boat away and take 9 hours to come back

    Tropica Banana Coconut Pineapple Chest
    None 100% 60% 15% 0%
    Bronze 100% 75% 40% 20%
    Silver 100% 92% 52% 30%
    Gold 100% 100% 75% 48%
    Platinum 100% 100% 100% 65%

    Fishermen's Isle Available level 52

    You can get Fish, Shrimp and Lobster from it.

    It cost ?? coins to send a boat away and take 8 hours to come back

    Fishermen's Fish Shrimp Lobster Chest
    None 100% 55% 25% 0%
    Bronze 100% 70% 32% 15%
    Silver 100% 80% 50% 25%
    Gold 100% 100% 75% 37%
    Platinum 100% 100% 100% 58%

    Where do we need those products and how many of them?

    3 peaches for Peach Marmalade in the Jam Factory
    2 peaches for Peach Yogurt in the Dairy Factory

    3 watermelons for Watermelon Jam in Jam Factory
    2 watermelons for Watermelon Fresh in Beverage Factory

    3 plums for Plum Jam in Jam Factory

    3 grapes for Grape Jelly in Jam Factory
    2 grapes for Canapé in Snack Factory
    2 grapes for Grape Fizz in Beverage Factory

    2 olives for Canapé in Snack Factory
    2 olives for Scented Soap in Perfume Factory
    2 olives for Jasmine Oil in Perfume Factory

    1 lime for Jelly Fruit Slices in Candy Factory
    1 lime for Coconut Soup in Asian Restaurant
    2 limes for Key Lime Pie in Pastry Factory
    1 lime for Iced Tea in Beverage Factory

    3 bananas for Banana Bread in Bakery Factory
    2 bananas for Perfume in Perfume Factory
    2 bananas for Chocolate Smoothie in Beverage Factory

    1 coconut for Coconut Soup in Asian Restaurant
    2 coconuts for Coconut Macaroons in Pastry Factory
    2 coconuts for Lotion in Perfume Factory
    2 coconuts for Tropical Mix in Beverage Factory

    2 pineapples for Pineapple Sorbet in Ice Cream Factory
    2 pineapples for Tropical Mix in Beverage Factory

    1 fish for Seafood Pizza in Bakery
    1 fish for Sushi Roll in Asian Restaurant
    1 fish for Sea Salad in Asian Restaurant
    1 fish for Fried Fish in Grill Factory
    2 fish for Fish Burger in Fast Food Restaurant
    2 fish for Fish & Chips in Fast Food Restaurant

    1 shrimp for Seafood Pizza in Bakery
    2 shrimps for Coconut Soup in Asian Restaurant
    1 shrimp for Rice Noodles in Asian Restaurant
    1 shrimp for Sea Salad in Asian Restaurant

    1 lobster for Baked Lobster in Grill Factory
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