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Thread: POLITENESS and courtesy

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    Katie Repik

    POLITENESS and courtesy

    Awhile back I read a post on a Facebook Township page warning folks not to visit the forums. The reason being that the people were unkind, mean and rude. I have been noticing lately that some of the post have been quite demeaning. Please people, show a little humanity. Keep in mind that the person asking questions may be a child or an elderly person unfamiliar with gaming or forum protocol. Perhaps the person may just be challenged in some way. Also remember that for many of our players English may be a second language.
    That is one of the great bonuses of this game, we are allowed the privilege of interacting with folks on a global playing field. With that in mind, how we act reflects on us as representatives of our country. There are enough people out there that already think of Americans as brash and arrogant, lets try not to bolster that opinion.
    Please try to be more patient, roll your eyes at home if you must. But make some attempt to tone down the attitude.

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    Rick McEntire
    Well said.

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    Ditto what Rick said. Nice job Katie.

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    Katie, well put We should definitely try to make our forums more welcoming!

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    I think a nice rule when replying to a post is not to mention that that it's been asked or mentioned numerous times. The search feature in the forums doesn't always work as well as you would like. The person may be calling it something different and let's face it, there are a lot of posts to dig through. To point out that something has already been discussed makes the person who wrote the post feel lousy. This comment may have already been posted as well.

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    Sorry, but I disagree just a little. I think it is perfectly proper to let a commenter know that his/her suggestion/idea has been frequently asked or stated, but it is also proper to state what the Admin and developer response(s) were.

    Otherwise, the comment just sits there and the person may think no one cares enough to reply. Ideally, the answer would always come from an Admin. But they are only here infrequently and briefly (sometimes, not at all) and so they miss many questions.

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    That's true.

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    I'm wondering if it's possible to find a medium. Perhaps steering the person to the proper thread or providing them a link to a thread that contains their answer would be more appropriate than telling them their question has been answered numerous times? That way, it's implied, you don't have to take the time to repeat yourself and the person doesn't feel put down in any way. I think that's a fair compromise, don't you think?

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    good idea. Other forums link to previous answer.

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    Great idea...except, for the very same reason a newbie cannot find things here, an oldie has just as a bad a time. The search function are awfull. I tried helping Graylady by tagging important info - but that was no more effective than a search.

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