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Thread: MAC USERS: Thread For Your Specific Questions and Discussion

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    can you add me as a neighbor? invite code BACM3G. My towns based off of back 2 the future.

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    bacm3g, please add me!

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    I have been having dreadful problems accessing the forum today. The forum does not seem to remember me anymore. When I try to log in all I can see is a registration screen. As soon as I enter my user name (Talpa) there is no opportunity to enter my password just a reminded that this user name is already in use.

    Is there anyway out of this situation. I have informed playrix of my difficulties.

    The only way I have found to access the site now is to request a new password. This works OK for now but it hardly practical to go through this procedure every time I want to read the latest forum news.

    Any suggestions to sort this out would be very very welcome!

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    Hi I'm a new player and my GC account is kirayuki29! Looking for new friends so please add

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    Wasn't the iMac update due out today?

    Has our chance of joining the regattas sunk without trace?

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    Good day Talpa!

    The update for Mac users is not going to be out before the 4th of August. But after that you'll be all ready to set sails and ride the waves of regattas!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sandssmith View Post

    I'm not sure if the trash offers happen less on the mac version vs. iOS, but they DO happen. What is especially few and far between are offers that I can justify taking for myself. Considering that I have spent more on Township already than any other computer game since the 1990s, I find it impossible to consider the 'big bucks' offers, but still find myself taking the really small ones now and then. More of those, and I might buy more, without feeling the pain in the pocket!
    Hi Sandssmitn, How often do you receive offers?

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    is update in 2016-8-5 ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lucy View Post
    is update in 2016-8-5 ?
    Ah, the optimism of youth.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hobsonti View Post
    hi, can you add me as a neighbor? invite code BACM3G.
    Sent a friend request.

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