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Thread: MAC USERS: Thread For Your Specific Questions and Discussion

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    Thanks for the reply, Alizar77.

    I think you're right about the entire town not meant to be seen on the screen at once. You need to use the trackpad to scroll around the town. But once I installed the update, my screen became smaller and I can't just scroll to the end of the frame to cause more of the town to appear. Now I have to click on the screen and then move the mouse to help it along.

    I had that problem with a couple of their other games, too. Taking screen shots and sending to Township Support...I'll post if they let me know why this happened.

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    Hi so I'm not sure if anyone has had this problem or if you are able to help. I installed the update but my game hasn't actually updated although it says it has and I have tried closing the game and restarting my mac but it hasn't worked. If you have any suggestions that would be fantastic

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    I am sorry I have no idea, it works fine with my mac. Appstore said it has an update, I clicked on start, it said close Township before download as I have it constantly running anyways, update downloaded and installed, Township restarted - everything fine.

    I have the newest Yosemite running on my Mac.

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    Same I have os x 10.10.2. But that's alright thanks for replying

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    Elise... Sometimes you have to restart your Mac after the update for it to sync with the server... If that doesnt work, please submit a bug report to the devs through the game...

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    ok thank you, I will do that

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    Daniel Hopmans
    Found a piece of rainbow crystal today for my museum.

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    Check out this link:

    Graylady put together a comprehensive explanation (as we currently know it.)

    The Mac info is bundled into the iOS info, for the most part. Remember that iOS and Mac OS X friends do NOT mix in Township. You can actually play Township (with 2 different towns) on Mac OS X & iOS at the same time. The Game Center friends who are on the same platform will be available for THAT platform, UNLESS they also play on both platforms. Of course, in this case, you will only see the friend's town from the same platform.

    It is in the Tips & Tricks section of the Forum.

    Hope this helps!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mema View Post
    Thanks sandssmith. I received some people who wanted to be my friend on gc and I still do not know how to respond. Could you post something about how to invite people on the gamecenter and how to confirm them as friends? This would be a big help to me. Thankyou
    Hi Mema

    If you go to the link sandssmith gave you, I put a link there to the Apple Help page on Game Center. You should find some interesting information on how to use that app.

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    Thank you both very much! I am on my way to read it now.

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